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Adding a Logger
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site: Represents the destination object. host: Represents the source object.
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After the read completes, it prints the total number of characters read synchronously. Finally, you use the method Async.Start to initiate the execution of a number of asynchronous computations. This works by queuing the computations in the .NET thread pool. The following section explains the .NET thread pool in more detail.
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Other Joins
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Figure 4 16. Interrupt routine for pushbutton
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<ObjRef> <uri>/a34e3c81_66de_44a5_93c8_283add24d2cd/jhv+d3JpXxV69M431d+cInTK_1.rem</uri> <!-- parts removed --> </ObjRef> <!-- parts removed --> <SOAP-ENC:Array id="ref-14" SOAP-ENC:arrayType="xsd:string[1]"> <item></item> </SOAP-ENC:Array> The complete URL to a remote object consists of the destination channel s base URL as shown in the <item> element at the end of this capture. The value that is contained in the ObjRef s <uri> property is subsequently appended to this base URL. As you can see, the server transfers its own IP address inside of this response packet. Now imagine that your server has two IP addresses: an official Internet IP of and an internal IP of If you were to now marshal a MarshalByRefObject from this server to a client (for example, as a return value of a remote procedure call), the transferred ObjRef might either contain the internal or the external IP address. You may be tempted to expect that the remoting framework automatically uses the IP address on which the server has received the call to create this object, but this is not the case. Quite the contrary: you have to explicitly state which IP address or machine name should be returned to clients. Otherwise, a client outside your local network could receive the server s internal IP address and would not be able to call any method on the server-side objects. To configure this setting, you can specify either the bindTo or the machineName property in your configuration file. In the first case, you can bind the remoting server to a specific IP address, whereas in the second case the system will use the specified machine name when returning MarshalByRefObjects to your clients. The framework does not check whether this machine name is associated with your machine or whether it even resolves to the same IP address as your server machine. This is a good thing as you will see shortly. These two properties are specified on the <channel> level in your server-side configuration file, for example: <channel ref="http" port="5555" bindTo="" /> or <channel ref="http" port="5555" machineName="" /> Alternatively, you can use the following server-side code if you do not want to use configuration files: Hashtable chnlProps = new Hashtable(); chnlProps["port"] = 1234; chnlProps["machineName"] = ""; // chnlProps["bindTo"] = ""; HttpChannel chnl = new HttpChannel(chnlProps,null,null); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(chnl); In the latter case, for example, the server will return the following information in the ObjRef (again, simplified):
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The next important question is How do you convert the cpu_cost quoted in the plan_table before adding it to the io_cost to produce the final cost, and where does the cpu_cost come from anyway To answer the first part, we look at the formula, our recorded values, and the literal value in the execution plan for the cpu_cost: The formula gives the CPU cost as: #CPUCycles / (cpuspeed * sreadtim) CPUSPEED = 500MHz sreadtim = 5 milliseconds = 5,000 microseconds (standardizing units of time) #CPUCycles (called cpu_cost in the plan_table) = 72,914,400 Slotting the figures in place: 72,914,400 / (500 * 5,000) = 29.16576. And the optimizer rounds CPU costs up in 9.2 (but not, apparently, in 10g), giving us the CPU cost of 30 that we wanted to see.
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The web server is responsible for receiving and handling all requests coming from browsers through HTTP. After receiving a request, the web server will process that request and send the response back to the browser. Right after this, usually the web server will close its connection with the database and release all resources, opened files, network connections, and so forth, which become part of the request to be processed on the web server. The web server does all this cleaning of data, resources, and so on in order to be stateless. The term state refers to the data that gets stored between the request sent to the server and the response delivered to the browser. Today s web sites run as applications and consist of many web pages, and data on one web page is often responsible for the output that will be displayed on the next web page; in this situation, being stateless defeats the whole purpose of such web sites, and so maintaining state becomes important. To be stateful, the web server will keep connections and resources alive for a period of time by anticipating that there will be an additional request from the web browser.
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Working with the Camera and Photos
Figure 5-5. Authentication is necessary when accessing remote objects.
Integrating with Salesforce
Once you ve done this, the database and its log file will be attached to your SQL Server instance, and you will be able to write applications that access it from within Visual Studio. Note that if you are using Windows Vista, the operating system will prevent you from writing to the Data directory for security reasons, and this operation will fail. You will need to navigate to the MDF and LDF files for AdventureWorks from within Windows Explorer and use the security settings in the Properties dialog box. Add permissions for the SQL Server processes to have full control over these files. Once you ve connected the database, you can view its contents within Management Studio. See Figure 4-13 for an example of the data that this table contains, namely the addresses of the (fictional) people who are part of the AdventureWorks customer database.
Good. There is no robots.txt file, and we re allowed to view the site. To ensure that the connection is always closed correctly, we use the following:
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