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7. The impersonationLevel option on the client must be configured to either impersonate or delegate to allow the server to impersonate or delegate the client s security token.
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As you can see in Figure 2-2, the report designer consists of three important parts: Report design surface Report Items pane Report Data Source pane All three parts play an important role in creating a report. The design surface is the place to lay out report items. Once report items are in place, we need to provide the data source for producing the report for the user. Let s look at all three parts in more detail now.
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HttpServerChannel Class
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We need to add the timer control to this service we want to know when ten minutes has elapsed. So according to that business rule, the service must scan the database to find out fresh complaints with a severity level of three. All such complaints must go as a report to complaint administrators by e-mail for prompt and swift resolution.
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binding see data binding breadcrumb trail, 100 SiteMapPath control, 140 breakpoints, 271 276 Call Stack window, 282 Immediate window, 280 inserting breakpoints, 271 273 Locals window, 279 navigating in break mode, 273 276 navigation methods, 274 Quick Watch window, 277 Step Into method, 274 275 Step Out method, 276 Step Over method, 276 Watch window, 278 browsers App_Browsers folder, 31 changing language programmatically, 180 modifying preferred browser language, 171 173 storing language preferences, 181 using automatic browser detection, 173 Build Page option, Build menu, 25 Build Solution option, Build menu, 25 Build view, Output window, 35 Build/Run option Projects and Solutions node, 42 Button control, 79 applying skins to, 116 example using, 82
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The above dscl command should output a list of all users in your Open Directory domain. If it doesn t then return to Directory Access, and make sure your binding username and password are correct. Once you have verified that your server can access your authenticated LDAP server, you can disable anonymous binding. To do so, edit the slapd configuration using your favorite text editor:
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1. Open up a fresh Query Editor window. It doesn t matter which database it is pointing to as the BACKUP DATABASE statement defines the database we will be working with. 2. The T-SQL that we need for our full backup follows. Enter the code (keeping the name of where the backup is located via the TO DISK option and the WITH NAME option all on one line). Notice that there are no options defined for several of the options as we are taking the default. BACKUP DATABASE ApressFinancial TO DISK = 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Backup\ ApressFinancial.bak' WITH NAME = 'ApressFinancial-Full Database Backup', SKIP, NOUNLOAD, STATS = 10
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Creating Remoting Clients
The standard Ubuntu release, as supplied with this book, relies on the GNOME Desktop Project for its graphical interface (see Many other desktop projects exist in the wider Linux world, but perhaps the only one that ranks alongside GNOME in terms of popularity is the K Desktop Environment project (, usually referred to as KDE. Kubuntu is simply a version of Ubuntu that eschews GNOME in favor of KDE. Kubuntu ( retains the same philosophy as Ubuntu, in both its humanitarian aims of being available to all, as well as its more pragmatic aspects, such as always including the latest versions of applications. It also shares many technical features, such as the use of sudo to invoke superuser powers.
Product Information & Inventory Status (Header Left) Page: n/n (Header Right) Click the Product Number to check the Inventory Status (Header Left) ProductDrilldown, ProductLocation ProductDrilldown: ProductNumber, ProductName, CategoryName and ListPrice InventoryStatus: ProductNumber, LocationName, Shelf, Bin and Quantity Letter Portrait rptInventoryStatus
> outp.WriteLine("Put your records on");; val it : unit = () > outp.Close(); These are the primary input constructs in the System.IO namespace: System.IO.BinaryReader: Reads primitive data types as binary values. When reading the binary data as a string, it interprets the bytes according to a particular Unicode encoding. Create using new BinaryReader(stream). System.IO.StreamReader: Reads a stream as textual strings and characters. The bytes are decoded to strings according to a particular Unicode encoding. Create by using new StreamReader(stream) and its variants or by using File.OpenText(filename). System.IO.StringReader: Reads a string as textual strings and characters.
Like methods, properties can take arguments; these are called indexer properties. The most commonly defined indexer property is called Item, and the Item property on a value v is accessed via the special notation v.[i]. As the notation suggests, these properties are normally used to implement the lookup operation on collection types. The following example implements a sparse vector in terms of an underlying sorted dictionary: open System.Collections.Generic type SparseVector(items: seq<int * float>)= let elems = new SortedDictionary<_,_>() do items |> Seq.iter (fun (k,v) -> elems.Add(k,v)) /// This defines an indexer property member t.Item with get(idx) = if elems.ContainsKey(idx) then elems.[idx] else 0.0 You can define and use the indexer property as follows: > let v = SparseVector [(3,547.0)];; val v : SparseVector > v.[4];; val it : float = 0.0 > v.[3];; val it : float = 547.0 You can also use indexer properties as mutable setter properties with the syntax expr.[expr] <expr. This is covered in the section Defining Object Types with Mutable State. Indexer properties can also take multiple arguments; for example, the indexer property for the F# Power Pack type Microsoft.FSharp.Math.Matrix<'T> takes two arguments. 10 describes this type.
Figure 5-10. Master pages at runtime: account data
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