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The first of these alert boxes will return false, because the Vehicles.Boat class doesn t implement the Vehicles.IPowered interface. But as the SpeedBoat does implement the interface, the second will return true.
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your machine. It is also assumed that you have the Northwind database installed. If you are using some other version of SQL Server, you need to change the database connection string accordingly. Also, note that SQL Server 2005 Express Edition does not include the Northwind database by default. You can, however, download the necessary scripts from Microsoft s website.
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Listing 5-24. Checking Whether the User Is Permitted Access to the Returned Timesheet
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When you select an employee ID from the combo box, the employee details should be displayed in the other text boxes. The relevant code is written in the SelectedIndexChanged event of the combo box and is shown in Listing 7-5.
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> time (fun () -> http "");; val it : string * TimeSpan = ... (The HTML text and time will be shown here)
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You begin by using language-oriented programming techniques to implement a little logic of Boolean expressions, of the kind that might be used to describe part of a hardware circuit or a constraint. Let s assume these have forms like the following: P1 AND P2 P1 OR P2 P1 IMPLIES P2 NOT(P1) v TRUE FALSE Exists v. P[v] Forall v. P[v]
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Figure 13 18. Enabling FTP sharing data matrix reader
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