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Listing 6-29. Configuring the Template Path
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CHAPTER 5: Cryptography
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If you compare this feed with the one demonstrated in the 0.91 version of RSS, you ll see a striking similarity. In fact, they re identical aside from the version number. So what s the point
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Cross-AppDomain Remoting
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Data Regions
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The second handler will be used by the testButtonClickSequence method. Therefore, check that the button label was changed.
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tored procedures are programs run on the database server that allow you to package SQL in an optimal fashion for reuse. Writing stored procedures is a major study in itself. Our goal here is to introduce you to the rudiments of stored procedures so you understand how Visual Basic programs need to interact with them. In this chapter, we cover: Creating, modifying, and deleting stored procedures in SSMSE Using stored procedures in Visual Basic programs
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private void btnMediaPlayerLauncher_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { MediaPlayerLauncher player = new MediaPlayerLauncher(); player.Media = new Uri(" ARCastMDISilverlightGridComputing_ch9.wmv"); //player.Media = // new Uri("ARCastMDISilverlightGridComputing_ch9.wmv", // UriKind.Relative); //player.Location = MediaLocationType.Data; player.Show(); }
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End Try End Sub End Module
To authorize your session to edit the System Preference, click on the lock in the lowerleft corner of the screen. Then click on the button to Join in the field for Network Account Server. This will bring up a pop-up screen that simply has a field for a server name or domain name. Type the name of your domain. After a time, the screen will expand so that you can enter the ID that the computer you are binding will have once it joins Active Directory, the user name of an account in your Active Directory that has credentials to bind to Active Directory, and the password for that account. Supply this information as seen in Figure 3-2 and then click on the OK button.
When posting a new topic, phpBB gives you the option to add a poll to the topic. The form that adds the poll resides at the bottom of the post form, as illustrated in Figure 9-3.
Figure 5 7. Slot game front screen comparison
CaptureDeviceConfiguration Class
Figure 8-12. Selecting an item in the Objects and Timeline pane
Restricted to BlackBerry devices only. Must obtain the PIN number. Not appropriate for large binary messages.
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