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Note If recipients of signed e-mail don t have your public key, they won t be able to authenticate your
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This code is almost the same as we ve used in past reporting projects. However, the main difference here is the use of System.Data.OleDb. ADO.NET uses this connectivity to get data from the Access database. You ll also notice the use of StringBuilder, which I used to break the large SELECT statement into smaller segments. This approach is preferred to improve the string concatenation efficiency. Please check the following Web site for more on StringBuilder: url=/library/ en-us/cpref/html/frlrfsystemtextstringbuilderclasstopic.asp
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Figure 2 12. The new value is available in the filter expressions To complete the scenario, you would do the following: Create an orchestration that subscribes to all of the documents with no value for Age. In this orchestration, calculate the Age value based on the birth date, and set the property accordingly. Send the document back into the MessageBox database. Add a second filter expression to the existing send ports to subscribe based on the StateOfBirth and if the Age value is present.
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Note Unlike some versions of Linux, Ubuntu doesn t encourage the user to use an actual root (or administrator) account. Instead, it operates on the principle of certain ordinary users adopting superuser privileges that allow them to administer the system when they need to. The user account you create during setup has these privileges.
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11. Click OK to create the receive location.
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CHAPTER 4: File System Permissions
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SQL Server Query Analyzer and SQL Server Enterprise Manager (the latter also known as Microsoft Management Console, or MMC), which are specifically designed for database developers and database administrators, respectively.
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Currently, Flex is not one of the most common technologies used for writing mashups. We believe the reason is that Flex is still relatively new. Additionally, the Flash Player requires remote networks to install a crossdomain.xml file. Unfortunately, most services do not upload crossdomain.xml, or they upload it with a restricted policy, which adds extra work in order to overcome the security restriction and makes Flex a less common platform to develop mashups (cross-domain will be explained in much more detail later in the chapter). However, the fact that Flex mashups are not so common actually gives you a tremendous opportunity to develop exciting new applications with little effort. Each mashup should add value to an existing service. Building a Flex Rich Internet Application (RIA) mashup creates an additional value. Not only can you add value by stitching different pieces together, but you can also create an easy-to-use user interface (UI) that will transform an existing data source, such as Craigslist, Google search results, or others, into a cool stateful application that allows the client to view changes without having to refresh his browser. Now, let s look at an example of a Flex application mashup. In this example, you can submit a location, and the application searches for a product on eBay, Google Merchant Center, and Amazon. It then returns back to the client a list of the available products, as well as a map showing where each product is located. Here s what is going on behind the scenes. A client submits a request for a product and an address. The Flex application sends the request to Yahoo! Pipes, a mashup platform, which sends requests to all of the services (eBay, Google Merchant Center, and Amazon). The services form a response based on results from the data sources and sends the response back to Yahoo! Pipes. The results are processed and filtered. Yahoo! Pipes then generates a web feed as a response. The Flex application receives the web feed s response, updates the model, and displays the results in a custom List component along with a map. Figure 10-2 visually illustrates this process.
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2. Try to click some of the nodes for the ApressFinancial database, for example, the Tables node; We will be reminded that the database is offline, and therefore cannot be viewed or modified, as shown in Figure 7-1. We will also not be able to access the database through any application such as Query Editor.
Note The boot loader is actually a separate program called GRUB. This program kicks off everything and
<Rectangle Width="200" Height="128"> <Rectangle.Fill> <ImageBrush ImageSource="apress.jpg" /> </Rectangle.Fill> </Rectangle>
Figure 16-11. Creating a new storyboard
To test the preceding code, you need to run the application and supply the full path and filenames of an XML document and a DTD or schema. You can use the same Employees.xml file that we have used throughout this chapter. We also created a DTD and an XSD schema for Employees.xml previously. After you click the Validate button, the XmlReader will attempt to validate the XML document and notify you of any validation errors. Figure 5-17 shows a message box generated after deliberately removing the required attribute employeeid.
but if the interfaces have different notions of what f means and does, you need to explicitly implement the functions inherited from each interface separately. The language provides support for doing this, as in Listing 9-9. Listing 9-9. Implementing Inherited Functions Separately // explicit_interface_implementation.cpp using namespace System; interface class I1 { void f(); }; interface class I2 { void f(); }; ref class R : I1, I2 { public: virtual void f1() = I1::f { Console::WriteLine("R::f1 == I1::f"); } virtual void f2() = I2::f { Console::WriteLine("R::f2 == I2::f"); } }; int main() { R^ r = gcnew R(); I1^ i1 = r; I2^ i2 = r; r->f1(); r->f2(); // r->f(); i1->f(); i2->f(); // r->I1::f(); // r->I1::f1(); } The final two calls are not supported. The output of Listing 9-9 is as follows: // OK -- call through the object. // OK -- call through the object. // Error: f is not a member of R. // OK -- call f1. // OK -- call f2. // Compiler error: "direct call will fail at runtime". // Error: f1 is not a member of I1.
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