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We need to run a Transact-SQL (T-SQL) script to create the Northwind database. We ll do that with the SQL Server command-line utility sqlcmd. To create the Northwind sample database: 1. Open a command prompt, then go to whatever directory contains the instnwnd.sql file (for convenience, we copied it from C:\SQL Server 2000 Sample Databases to C:\bcs2005db\install, but that s not necessary). 2. Enter the following command, making sure to use S, not -s. This should produce the output in Figure 1-14.
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This is just a little simple math. We subtract the currentPlaneIndex from planeIndex but add 1. The reason we add 1 is just to add a little spacing between the frontmost item and this plane. We then multiply this by our distanceApart number we created earlier. Finally we tween the properties of the plane, setting the planeX, planyY, planeZ, and rotationY. For our rotationY property we use the planeAngle number from earlier.
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Manifest-Version: 1.0 Name: DocumentManagementPortlet Specification-Title: WebDAV Specification-Vendor: WebDAV Specification-Version: 1.0 Implementation-Title: DocumentationManagementPortlet Implementation-Vendor: Implementation-Version: 0.9.3
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Figure 2-2. SQL Server Management Studio connection properties 4. Once you are happy with all of the items in the Connection Properties tab, click Connect. This brings you to SSMS itself. If you have ever used Visual Studio .NET, you will notice that SSMS has a reasonably similar layout. This is deliberate on Microsoft s part, as the company is bringing SQL Server a tool more integrated with .NET. Your layout should look like the one in Figure 2-3, with only minor name changes based on the server you have connected to and the connection you have used. This figure shows I have connected to XP-PRO SQL Server using the Windows account XP-PRO\rdewson.
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Spring uses XML files for its configuration, and all current integrated development environments (IDEs) will provide basic support for maintaining correct XML syntax. Most IDEs now also provide a modicum of additional support for Spring configuration files. The examples in this book were all built using the Java Development Tools edition of the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse does not provide innate support for Spring beyond its XML capabilities, but it is trivial to install the Spring IDE plug-in for Eclipse. This provides intelligent sensing of the attributes in bean configuration files, and a wizard for creating the contents
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Checking Permissions
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Product List Reorder Point Report
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To explore versioning issues, suppose a client of this game library has a Scroll class (see Listing 8-2) representing magic spells written out on a scroll. This class supports a Read method that invokes a spell: Listing 8-2. A Class for Magic Spells // client_game.cpp #using "game_library.dll" ref class Scroll : Item { public: void Read() { /* read the scroll and invoke the spell */ } }; Let s say that we are shipping a new version of our library, and we add functionality to read and write GameObject instances from a file. So we add Read and Write methods, as in Listing 8-3. Listing 8-3. New Functionality for Game Objects public ref class GameObject { public: void Initialize(); virtual void Read() { /* read data from file */ } virtual void Write() { /* write data to file */ } }; They re virtual so that derived classes can read and write their own information, if needed. The question is, What happens when the user upgrades to the new version In C++, what might happen is that the virtual Read method for reading the scroll would silently override the Read method to read from a file. Then, at runtime, when we try to read data (as in Listing 8-4), the Read function in the Scroll class gets called and the game character casts a spell not what was intended at all! Listing 8-4. Reading with an Unintended Method void GameObject::Initialize() { if (reading_from_file) { Read(); // Oops! Scroll method called. } // ... } Ideally, the compiler should catch any conflicts and allow these conflicts to be dealt with appropriately by the consumers of the new library. If name conflicts occur, users could rename your derived class functions or take some other action to eliminate the conflict. In some cases,
Table 9-1. Application Permissions
MessageConnection receiver = (MessageConnection) ("mms://:com.apress.king.mms"); MultipartMessage mms = (MultipartMessage)receiver.receive();
Using Local Functions
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