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Figure 13-7. Event data XML 8. If you click the row, a new Query Editor pane opens after a few moments, and the XML data is transposed into an XML document layout. Each of the nodes can be inspected just like the CommandText node was earlier. <EVENT_INSTANCE> <EventType>CREATE_PROCEDURE</EventType> <PostTime>2005-09-04T14:24:14.593</PostTime> <SPID>61</SPID> <ServerName>XP-PRO</ServerName> <LoginName>XP-PRO\rdewson</LoginName> <UserName>dbo</UserName>
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C++/CLI applications execute in the context of the CLR. The CLR implements a virtual machine, which is a software implementation of an idealized, abstract execution environment. Programs that run on the CLR virtual machine use a language known as the Common Intermediate Language (CIL). Microsoft s implementation of CIL is often referred to as MSIL, or just plain IL. The CLR relies on a JIT (just-in-time) compiler to translate the CIL code on demand into machine code in order to execute the program. The CLR virtual machine is Microsoft s implementation of the Virtual Execution System (VES), which is part of the ECMA standard. As processors change, you need only change the way in which the executable code is generated from the processor-independent layer, and you ll still be able to run the old programs written for the earlier processor. Pure IL generated by compilers targeting the CLR does not contain x86 instructions or any other object code that is configured to run on a particular processor. Compilers output MSIL code that can run on the virtual machine. You ll see in 3 that there are several compilation modes available, ranging from native code to pure MSIL that is still machine-dependent, to verifiably safe code that is truly machine independent. Each of these modes has advantages and disadvantages. Later you ll learn in more detail when to use each option. For now, remember that there are many degrees of managed code. It is often assumed that once you transition to the CLR, all the problems (and freedoms) of the native code world are left behind. That is not true you can run almost all classic C++ source code on the virtual machine just by recompiling it with the /clr option. The only difference is that your code is compiled to IL instead of assembler in between. Ultimately, it all boils down to machine code being executed by the processor. The real benefits of the managed world come not with recompiling your existing classic C++ code, but by using the C++/CLI constructs that constitute a system of object types uniquely suited to do well in the managed world. The CLR type system is mirrored in C++/CLI, so it s important to understand how it works.
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EASession *session = [[EASession alloc] initWithAccessory:accessory forProtocol:protocolString];
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Management Tools
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General Administration Options
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Interesting Cases
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This enables you to copy your web site to a new location. This can be another directory on your file system or a remote directory on an FTP or IIS server. Copy Web Site can also be used to back up or deploy your web site.
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The next step is to add Silverlight controls to the HelloWorld Windows Phone application we created in the previous steps. You will learn to set the properties of the controls so that the controls can size and position automatically in both Portrait and Landscape mode of Windows Phone. 1. In the Windows Phone Design view window, click MY APPLICATION TextBlock. In the Properties windows at the lower right corner of the Visual Studio IDE, change the Text property from MY APPLICATION to HelloWorld App. Notice that the new text now appears on the Design surface, as shown in Figure 2 4. qr pdf417
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transfer size = block size x stripe breadth
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Drag a FlowDecision activity below the Hello activity. The FlowDecision activity looks like a yellow diamond, much like a decision symbol in a normal flowchart diagram. In the Properties window, enter the condition as DateTime.Now.Hour >= 12. If you hover the mouse over the FlowDecision activity, you should see the connection points, as shown in Figure 3-6.
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Serialization and Inheritance
Building the Main Page and Adding Controls
Data Binding with ASP.NET
Request Parameters
CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
Data Access Architecture
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