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Integrated Quick Response Code in Java 10: Integrating the Lucene Search Engine

Your phone is going to ring, and the voice on the other end is going to say something incredibly descriptive such as the server is slow, or is the server OK right now, or one of my favorites, we had a problem last night at 3AM, did you see anything wrong at that time When the time comes to drill down to the root cause of performance issues you are going to want to quickly isolate the nature of the issue. Knowing what tools you have at your disposal is only part of the solution; the other part is knowing how to apply the right tools, and at the right time. This chapter will give you a solid foundation on basic troubleshooting techniques and tools. You will need to be able to troubleshoot issues if you want to survive as a DBA. Performance tuning skills will come later. Right now, you need to be able to isolate the problems if you expect to come back to work each Monday. TIP: I would estimate that roughly seventy percent of all performance issues I have seen are the result of code, and not the database engine. Code can be stored procedures, queries, database design or schema, or indexes. Sometimes it is simply the result of an influx of data. Keep all that in mind when troubleshooting any performance issue. In this chapter, we will discuss the following: 1. 2. 3. CSI: SQL Common Bottlenecks Available Tools
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namespace EmployeeLibrary { public class EmployeeService:IEmployeeService { public DataSet GetEmployees() { SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT employeeid,firstname,lastname FROM employees", @"data source=.\sqlexpress;initial catalog=northwind;integrated security=true"); DataSet ds = new DataSet(); da.Fill(ds,"employees"); return ds; } public Employee GetEmployee(int id) { SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(@"data source=.\sqlexpress;initial catalog=northwind;integrated security=true");
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The defining trait of an introvert is sometimes said to be that
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A complex type is represented by the XmlSchemaComplexType class. In our example, the four subelements (<firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes>) must appear in the same sequence, which is defined by the XmlSchemaSequence class. The code that defines the complex type is shown here: XmlSchemaComplexType employeetype = new XmlSchemaComplexType(); XmlSchemaSequence sequence = new XmlSchemaSequence(); XmlSchemaElement firstname = new XmlSchemaElement(); firstname.Name = "firstname"; firstname.SchemaType = nametype; XmlSchemaElement lastname = new XmlSchemaElement(); lastname.Name = "lastname"; lastname.SchemaType = nametype; XmlSchemaElement homephone = new XmlSchemaElement(); homephone.Name = "homephone"; homephone.SchemaType = phonetype; XmlSchemaElement notes = new XmlSchemaElement(); notes.Name = "notes"; notes.SchemaType = notestype; sequence.Items.Add(firstname); sequence.Items.Add(lastname); sequence.Items.Add(homephone); sequence.Items.Add(notes); employeetype.Particle = sequence; //define employeeid attribute XmlSchemaAttribute employeeid = new XmlSchemaAttribute(); employeeid.Name = "employeeid"; employeeid.SchemaTypeName = new XmlQualifiedName("int", ""); employeeid.Use = XmlSchemaUse.Required; employeetype.Attributes.Add(employeeid);
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The next section demonstrates a different method of backing up the structure of the database and the tables and indexes contained within it by using T-SQL commands to complete this.
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The samples installer adds the,,, and sites to hosts, mapping them to (your machine) also. When the script is done, your hosts file will likely look like this:
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Using SELECT INTO Statements
There will be times when you need to hold a value or work with a value that does not come directly from a column. Or perhaps you retrieve a value from a single row of data and a single column that you want to use in a different part of a query. It is possible to do this via a variable. A variable can be declared at any time within a set of T-SQL, whether it is ad hoc or a stored procedure or trigger. However, a variable has a finite lifetime. To inform SQL Server you wish to use a variable, use the following syntax: DECLARE @variable_name datatype, @variable_name2 datatype All variables have to be preceded with an @ sign, and as you can see from the syntax, more than one variable can be declared, although multiple variables should be separated by a comma and held on one line of code. If you move to a second line of code, then you need to prefix the first variable with another DECLARE statement. All variables can hold a NULL value, and there is not an option to say that the variable cannot hold a NULL value. By default then, when a variable is declared, it will have an initial value of NULL. It is also not possible at declaration to assign a value to a variable. To assign a value to a variable, you can use a SET statement or a SELECT statement. It is standard to use SET to set a variable value when you are not working with any tables. Let s take a look at some examples to see more of how to work with variables and their lifetime.
If you need additional flexibility, you can create your own deployment utilities. Oftentimes these small utilities are called batch files, which essentially consist of several XCOPY command statements. Let s take a look at a few different options and scenarios in which you can use the XCOPY method to deploy your web applications. We will walk through two different exercises that demonstrate the capabilities of dragging and dropping, and also the use of a batch file. In the examples, we explore different options in which to use the XCOPY or drag-and-drop methods.
Figure 6-2. Connecting a command to a connection
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