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The only dependency on Hibernate, and the only line of code that exposes the true implementation of the persistence layer to client code, is the retrieval of the DAOFactory. You may want to consider moving this parameter into your application s external configuration so that you can possibly switch DAOFactory implementations without changing any code.
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4.1 Starting with the basics
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LabelTasks.Visible = False LineTasks.Visible = False PicCheckOut.Visible = False ActCheckOut.Visible = False
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Not all devices and J2ME implementations support the same set of time zones. Make sure that your target devices support GMT or UTC and the necessary local time zones. Otherwise you may need to perform time zone calculations on your own.
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if (!IsPostBack) { rblShippers.SelectedIndex = 0; }
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Our Item class, for example, will not have any code-level dependency to any Hibernate API. Furthermore:
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Mapping entities with identity
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Legacy databases and custom SQL
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In most cases, capturing logging events is not the hardest task. Rather, it is the presentation of the message store in a meaningful and easy-to-interpret format that is more difficult. Log messages exist to enable us to analyze the behavior and lifecycle of applications. Creating a log file in HTML format is a quick and easy way of presenting log messages to a user.
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CHAPTER 7 session.close(); } }
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The true magic of the code in listing 2.8 lies in the EntityManager interface. One interesting way to think about the EntityManager interface is as an interpreter between the object-oriented and relational worlds. The manager reads the ORM mapping annotations like @Table and @Column on the Bid entity and figures out how to save the entity into the database. The EntityManager is injected into the PlaceBid bean through the @PersistenceContext annotation b. Similar to the name parameter of the @Resource annotation in listing 2.5, the unitName parameter of the @PersistenceContext annotation points to the persistence unit specific to ActionBazaar. A persistence unit is a group of entities packaged together in an application module. You ll learn more about persistence units in chapters 9 and 11. In the save method, the EntityManager persist method is called to save the Bid data into the database C. After the persist method returns, a SQL statement much like the following is issued against the database to insert a record corresponding to the bid:
Exercise Solutions
HTML forms. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) spec includes a few other common methods, including HEAD, which fetches the headers only for a file; PUT, for uploading documents to the server; and DELETE, for removing documents.
public IComponent <T> Share (T set, IComponent <T> toHere) { IPrototype <IComponent <T>> prototype= this.Find (set) as IPrototype <IComponent <T>>; toHere.Add(copy); return toHere; }
If you look at the service definition file for your web role in listing 4.1, you ll see that the HTTP port and protocol that your application runs on is defined at q. Windows Azure allows web roles to receive incoming HTTP or HTTPS messages (usually via port 80 and port 443 respectively) via your virtual IP address only (see chapter 3). Any other traffic that s sent to your virtual IP address is either filtered out by the firewalls or is not forwarded to your web role from the load balancer. Figure 4.3 shows the interaction between a client browser, the load balancer, and your web role. Worker roles are not held to this protocol restriction. (We ll cover worker roles in chapter 15.)
Tester t = new Tester( );
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