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The decimal point indicates that we want floating-point numbers, and therefore floating-point division, so the result is 0.75.
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Dependency checking While we are still waiting for XJavadoc to appear, we must make do with what we have. With XDoclet s current implicit reliance on Ant s <javadoc> task (which wraps Sun s javadoc command-line utility), the processing speed leaves a bit to be desired. Churning through Ant s own codebase and generating XML files for each of its tasks and a couple of properties files takes about 90 seconds. This is not the type of thing you would put on your main development build dependency graph. Internally, XDoclet does its own dependency checking, only regenerating files when needed, but it still goes through a lengthy javadoc phase to gather the complete model before deciding whether or not to regenerate files. There are a couple of solutions to this problem: Narrow the <fileset> processed by XDoclet to the smallest set of files necessary. Use <uptodate> to implement your own dependency checking and skip the entire process if the generated artifacts are newer than the source code.
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this will match any of the following substrings: From, To, Subject, or Date, as long as the substring starts a new line (^) and ends with a colon (:). The caret (^) indicates to the regular expression parser that the string you re searching for must begin a new line. The substrings From and To are literals, and the metacharacters left and right parentheses ((, )) and vertical bar (|) are all used to group sets of literals and indicate that any of the choices should match. Thus, you would read the following line as match any string that begins a new line, followed by any of the four literal strings From, To, Subject, or Date, and followed by a colon :
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16.3.1 Developing Spring-enabled EJBs
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A sticky session occurs when a load balancer forwards all incoming requests from the same client to the same server for the period of the session.
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Here are a few examples of cascading options in XML mapping files. Note that this code isn t from a single entity mapping or a single class, but only illustrative:
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A world of extenders
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14.6 Helping O/R frameworks to use the EJB 3 JPA
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Adding Anchor, Image, , and Section objects
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Exercises class under test
pointcut threadCreation(Runnable worker) : call(Thread.new(Runnable)) && args(worker);
int myVariable; // some other code here myVariable = 15; // assign 15 to myVariable
public ActionResult Find(string q) { string[] cities = _repository.FindCities(q); return Content(string.Join("\n", cities)); } }
Identifying entities and value types
You can now specify a system property, such as with java -displaysql=true, on the command line when you start your application, and this will automatically be applied to the Hibernate configuration property. The database connection pool settings deserve extra attention. The database connection pool Generally, it isn t advisable to create a connection each time you want to interact with the database. Instead, Java applications should use a pool of connections. Each application thread that needs to do work on the database requests a connection from the pool and then returns it to the pool when all SQL operations have been executed. The pool maintains the connections and minimizes the cost of opening and closing connections. There are three reasons for using a pool:
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