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In this chapter, we delved into the workings of strings, looking at the difference between the immutable String and its mutable cousin, StringBuilder. We saw how to convert other data types to and from strings, and how to control that formatting, especially when we consider cultures and languages other than our own. We saw the various ways in which we can compose strings, and the performance tradeoffs of each technique. Finally, we looked at how strings are actually represented in memory, and how we may need to convert between different encodings for different applications, platforms, and configurations.
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A SQL injection attack is one where a malicious user passes specially formed data to an application to make it do something it is not supposed to do. For example, in the latter case, if a user provided this text:
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Bulk and batch operations
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Listing 3.11 HTML generated from expression-based HtmlHelper methods
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iPhone OS class reference
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The SQL CASE statement detects the existence (or absence) of rows in the subclass tables CREDIT_CARD and BANK_ACCOUNT, so Hibernate can determine the concrete subclass for a particular row of the BILLING_DETAILS table. To narrow the query to the subclass, Hibernate uses an inner join:
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Understanding query results
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With C# 3.0 the language was extended to support object initializers an extension to the new syntax that lets us set up a load of properties, by name, as we create our object instance. Example 3-35 shows how an object initializer looks when we use it in our Main function.
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this is the default.
Figure 5.1 A symbolic representation of retained mode and immediate mode. The former sees the world as a hierarchy of graphical elements, the latter as just pixels.
document.onmouseup = function(){ bDrag = false; bResize = false; intLastX = -1; document.body.style.cursor = "default"; elemWin=""; bHasMoved = false; }
This chapter covers
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Associate any text and images to display for the verb
This chapter covers
breaker who either failed to check everything or test that the code didn t break existing functionality. Mercifully, CruiseControl will restart a failed build after a predefined amount of time. At any time, team members can go to the website hosted by the CruiseControl web application and see the results of all previous builds. They can see the updates checked in, the compilation errors, and the unit test results, all through a nice HTML interface. Everyone knows the status of the build in source control and knows, too, the changes others have made with almost no effort. Furthermore, you can use Ant to autogenerate a Javadoc for the project, so your documentation will always be consistent with the build.
DESCRIPTION Building servlet bridges can solve some problems, but implementing a separate servlet bridge per interface is cumbersome and expensive. MOST FREQUENT SCALE Application REFACTORED SOLUTION NAME Generic server bridge REFACTORED SOLUTION TYPE Software REFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION Generalize the servlet bridge. Map a bridge onto a servlet and session bean combination. The bridge looks up the bean and narrows it upon invocation. SYMPTOMS, CONSEQUENCES Each interface requires a new servlet bridge, adding layers, complexity, and maintenance burdens to the code.
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