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Strings can be directly added to a contact record, as shown here. contact.addString(Contact.ORG, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, "Engineering"); You can modify an existing string value by calling the setString() method with an appropriate index. contact.setString(Contact.TITLE, 0, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, "Senior Engineer");
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Figure 1-1. Features of a thick2 client, a thin client, and a smart client
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client-side recordset, but it s not a COM object.
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del.BeginInvoke(msg,null,null); pop.DeleteMessage(i); } pop.Disconnect(); pop = null; } while (_isServer || _needsPolling); _isPolling = false; } The last method of this class, CheckAndStartPolling(), can be called externally to start the background thread as soon as _needsPolling has been changed. It does the necessary checks to ensure that only one background thread is running per instance. internal void CheckAndStartPolling() { if (_isPolling) return; if (_isServer || _needsPolling) { Thread thr = new Thread(new ThreadStart(this.Poll)); thr.Start(); thr.IsBackground = true; } }
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The Toolbox is also highly customizable. By right-clicking the Toolbox, you will be able to see all the options available. Let s walk through a few examples of how to customize the Toolbox. Adding Tabs By right-clicking anywhere in the Toolbox, you can select the Add Tab option. When you do this, you will see the new tab appear on the Toolbox with the cursor already in place awaiting the entry of the new tab s name. Call it My New Tab and it should look like Figure 2-9. You can now drag items for the other tabs onto your new tab.
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Divisionwise Five Years' Sales Performance (Body--Left) DivisionSales DivsionID, YearOfOperation, NetSalesAmount Letter Matrix
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System; System.Data; System.Configuration; System.Web; System.Web.Security; System.Web.UI; System.Web.UI.WebControls; System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts; System.Web.UI.HtmlControls; System.Collections.Generic;
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The Parts and States model uses the following terminology: Parts: Named elements contained in a control template that are manipulated by code in some way are called parts. For example, a simple Button control could consist of a rectangle that is the body of the button and a text block that represents the text on the control. States: A control will always be in a state. For a Button control, different states include when the mouse is hovered over the button, when the mouse is pressed down on the button, and when neither is the case (its default or normal state). The visual look of control is defined by its particular state.
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Here, we utilize the redirect operator &>>, which redirects both stdout and stderr streams to /var/log/myprogram.log, appending to the end of the file. In this instance, we use this redirection if rsync outputs any errors; we want the errors to be written to our log. Alternatively, you can redirect all output streams of a script to a certain file in one line. This provides a quick and easy way to ensure logging of all of your script s events. To implement global redirects to your script, add the following line after your hashbang and prior to the implementation of any commands or log statements:
Commands aren t much use unless you can execute them, so let s look at that now. Commands have several different methods for executing SQL. The differences between these methods depend on the results you expect from the SQL. Queries return rows of data (result sets), but the INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements don t. You determine which method to use by considering what you expect to be returned (see Table 11-1). Table 11-1. Command Execution Methods
generated from information from your own machine information only. These IDs should be unique throughout the world.
lution. These are what will appear in outgoing messages. Beneath this is a check box that you should leave checked if you want the account you re about to create to be the default account. In nearly all situations, this will be the correct choice. You can also fill in the Reply-To and Organization information if you wish, but these fields can be left blank. They re not normally displayed by most e-mail clients. Click the Forward button to continue.
The MSBuild engine will set the Parameters and Verbosity properties before any events are fired. Parameters is a string that captures any text parameter passed in to the logger at the command line. It is left up to the writer of the class what this string looks like and how to parse it. We will provide you with an abstract base class later in this section that you can use to do this for you. The Initialize method will be called before any events have occurred. In this method you will tell MSBuild which events you are interested in responding. You will do this by registering event handlers with the eventSource argument. In this method you could also perform any other steps to properly initialize your logger. The Shutdown method will be called after the build has completed. Here is where you would free any resources that you are consuming and finish any necessary processing to properly close down your logger. For instance, if you were writing a database logger, in Initialize you may ensure that you have a connection to the database and create some records. In Shutdown you will record all the remaining entries to the database and close your connection to it. You can register any of the 14 different events that you would like to handle. Table 4-4 summarizes those events. Table 4-4. Logger Events
CHAPTER 4: Storage
We will create a Flex, PHP, and MySQL database application to delve deeper into how the database creation utility in Flash Builder 4 can be leveraged. Our PHP application is auto-generated using the database definition. The example was built on a Mac, so chose to download and use the ready to go MAMP distribution. You can grab a copy of this free PHP, MySQL and Apache pre-configured bundle for Mac from http://sourceforge.net/projects/mamp/. If you aren t on a Mac, you could grab an analogous distribution for your platform. Alternatively, you can install and configure the individual pieces of software. Be sure the Flash Builder 4 plugin is installed in your Eclipse setup. If you would like also go ahead and install PDT, the Eclipse plug-in for PHP development. The PDT update site is http://download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt/updates/site.xml. The steps for adding plugin(s) to Eclipse are not shown or explained here. It s assumed you know how to do it. If not, then please consult the Eclipse documentation for help. As a first step, let s create the database table(s) for the application. We are using a MAMP installation so the MySQL client in this bundle can be accessed via the phpMyAdmin application or the command line. We prefer the command line, so open a terminal window and access the MySQL client as follows:
Armed with knowledge of how the BlackBerry toolchain works, you can set up automated builds. These will greatly increase your productivity. Rather than needing to open Eclipse, navigate to a particular project workspace, switch to the proper version of
public class StreamingDataSource extends DataSource { public StreamingDataSource(String locator) { super(locator); } public void connect() throws IOException { // Connect to the locator and create the stream(s). } public void disconnect() { // Close the stream(s). } public String getContentType() { // Return content type of underlying stream. return null; } public SourceStream[] getStreams() { // Return stream(s) created in connect() return null; } public void start() throws IOException { // Start acquiring content with the stream(s). } public void stop() throws IOException { // Stop acquiring content. } public Control getControl(String controlType) { // Can return null unless adding custom controls. return null; } public Control[] getControls() { // Can return null unless adding custom controls.
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