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Listing 14-2. Using Custom JavaScript Class
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Constants (that is, constant literals from languages such as C#) Type parameters (that is, generic parameters; see 5)
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update shippers set companyname = 'Speed of Light Delivery', phone = '555-9876' where shipperid = 4
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Listing 11-19 shows the general structural outline of a web.config file. Listing 11-19. Structural Outline of web.config <configuration> <appSettings /> <connectionStrings /> <system.web /> </configuration>
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The term Ajax was coined by Jesse James Garrett, and made its first public appearance in early 2005. At its heart is the ability to make web applications more responsive and more competitive with desktop applications. One part of this is to remove the need for the typical full page refresh that occurs when the user wants to see some new content on a page. For example, consider a page like MSN MoneyCentral (shown in Figure 11-1).
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Further Securing SSH
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Figure 14-9. The Report Manager 6. Click the Advanced Report folder. Click the Contact List report (see Figure 14-10).
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try Pro SQL Server 2005 Assemblies (Apress,2006).
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(If you created the virtual web service tier on the server when deploying the service in the last step, you ll have this URL. Otherwise, use the virtual web that you created.) Remember to use AddressData as the name of the new service reference, and your client should be ready to deploy. Now, deployment is simply a matter of using the Copy Web Site tool as you did in the previous section (Figure 6-18) to add your site to the server. At this point, your server should have a ServiceClient web site that contains your client. This references a web service on the ServiceTier web site, which wraps the database access. You can now call
SMS is a good go-to technology for compact messages either bits of human-readable text or small custom binary messages. When considering how to move large pieces of multimedia data on and off the device, think about MMS as an option. MMS messages can be built using the same WMA framework used by SMS messages, but offer much more capacity and more flexibility in message construction. Caution: MMS support in BlackBerry is still relatively new, having only become available with device software version 4.6. There were several bugs with RIM s initial implementation of MMS. These problems have been fixed starting with device software version 5.0, but to be safe, be sure to test on actual devices early in your development cycle. Also, because carrier MMSCs are closed to traffic from outside their wireless network, you will not be able to test MMS messages from the BlackBerry Simulator.
CHAPTER 10: Hardware Design
PGP Desktop, developed by Phil Zimmerman, is an encryption suite (see 9 for more information on encryption and more specifically at using PGP for full disk encryption) that will encrypt e-mail messages, files, and folders before they are sent. It can be downloaded and purchased at www.pgp.com for just under $250 (the license plus a one-year subscription). PGP Desktop can also be used to encrypt instant messaging traffic in iChat beyond what is available using iChat s default security options and can also encrypt full disks.
Listing 14-2. The generated file can then be compiled as normal, although we have found that small adjustments sometimes need to be made to the generated code.
Once you are satisfied that the users and groups have the appropriate permissions, you will be able to log into the site using Kerberos or the protocol you set earlier.
The dba module, when used with the MySQL database, allows you to check the data integrity of your database. This is useful for routine maintenance as well as diagnosing problems. The Default Check Type field lets you tell MySQL which type of check to make. Here are the various
Figure 9-3. The options for adding a poll for new topics
the other active portlets in the MINIMIZED state along the bottom edge of the portal page, like the Microsoft Windows taskbar. This behavior is up to the portal vendor to determine, and your portal may have settings to customize the minimization behavior. Our e-mail portlet might just display one line, saying 7 new messages or a similar message. Setting the portlet title to something descriptive can also be useful for portlets that display only their title.
At the beginning of the client/server era, remoting was mostly used for accessing a server s resources. Every database or file server is an implementation of some technique that allows code to be executed remotely. Programming these older frameworks was so difficult a task that few products except for these server-side core services implemented remoting.
of neutrons. In Listing 7-9, a hashtable is used to store the various isotopes. The key is based on the element type and the isotope number, which uniquely identifies the isotope. For example, for carbon-14, the key is C14 . Since you can have more than one index variable, separated by commas, in an indexed property, we could look up an isotope by the name of the element and the isotope number, as the ElementIsotope property in Listing 7-9 shows. The key is computed by appending the element symbol and the isotope number, which are the arguments of the indexed property. Listing 7-9. Using Multiple Indexes // isotope_table.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::Collections::Generic; value class Isotope { public: property unsigned int IsotopeNumber; property unsigned int AtomicNumber; }; ref class IsotopeTable { private: Dictionary<String^, Isotope>^ isotopeTable; public: IsotopeTable() { isotopeTable = gcnew Dictionary<String^, Isotope>(); // Add the elements and their isotopes... // Additional code for the elements is assumed. for each (ElementType element in PeriodicTable::Elements) { // Add each isotope to the isotopes table. for each (Isotope isotope in element.Isotopes) { isotopeTable->Add(element.Name + isotope.IsotopeNumber, isotope); } } }
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