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Let s find the minimum, maximum, sum, and average of the unit price (UnitPrice) of each sales order (SalesOrderID) from the SalesOrderDetail table. Open a New Query window in SSMSE. Enter the following query and click Execute. You should see the results shown in Figure 4-12. select SalesOrderID,min(UnitPrice)as "Min", max(UnitPrice) as "Max",Sum(UnitPrice) as "Sum", Avg(UnitPrice)as "Avg" from Sales.SalesOrderDetail where SalesOrderID between 43659 and 43663 group by SalesOrderID
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Finally, to remove all items from your collection, add the following activities to your workflow: new ClearCollection<ListItem>() { Collection = myList }, new PrintList() { Budget = 0m, Collection = myList } Press F5 to run the application. Your results should look like these: Workflow starting... 2: Milk, 1 @ $3.99 [] 1: Bread, 2 @ $2.95 [Get 100% Whole Wheat, if possible]
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An HTML Forms Example in ASP.NET
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Figure 22-4. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) lets you incorporate one OpenOffice.org
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Outputs via Object
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CHAPTER 7: Securing Web Browsers and E-mail
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Where possible, separate out as much of your computation as possible using side-effect-free functional programming. For example, sprinkling printf expressions throughout your code may make for a good debugging technique but, if not used wisely, can lead to code that is difficult to understand and inherently imperative.
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<Output TaskParameter="NumFailedTests" PropertyName= "NumNUnitFailures"/> <Output TaskParameter="NumExecutedTests" PropertyName= "NumExecutedTests"/> </NUnitTask> <!-If the tests passed, then move the file to the target output location; that way we don't have to run this target again against the same code base. If it fails, we purposefully don't move to the successful location because incremental building will skip this target after failed tests. --> <Copy SourceFiles="@(NUnitFailLog)" DestinationFiles="@(NUnitLog)" SkipUnchangedFiles="false" Condition="'$(NumNUnitFailures)' == '0'" /> <Delete Files="@(NUnitFailLog)"/> <Message Text="NUnitLogFile: @(NUnitLog->'%(FullPath)')" Condition="'$(NumNUnitFailures)' == '0'"/> <Message Text="NUnitLogFile: @(NUnitFailLog->'%(FullPath)')" Condition="'$(NumNUnitFailures)' != '0'"/> <Message Text="Num executed tests: $(NumExecutedTests)"/> <!-- If an error occurs during the process, these targets will be called --> <OnError ExecuteTargets="$(NUnitErrorTargets)"/> </Target> This target has three main sections; one sets up for the test execution, one performs the execution, and the last follows up on the executed tests. In the set-up section, you ll notice the CreateItem task is being called. This is used to determine which assemblies need to be tested. This task will consume an item definition and dynamically create that item. As was previously stated, items are all evaluated before any targets are executed. This is the reason why you have to dynamically create a new item with CreateItem, because the necessary assemblies would not be present to populate the item before the build started. When you call NUnitTask, you provide all the required inputs and read only the outputs in which you are interested. You are not required to read all the outputs from a task. An output from a task can either be placed in an item or be placed in a property; this depends on the task implementation. In this sample, all of the outputs are simple values that can be contained in properties. If you were outputting files or a list, then an item would be appropriate. Now let s finish up our discussion of this file by going over the last section. In the final step to the process, you need to perform some actions depending on whether the tests cases passed or failed. This is determined by the NumFailedTests output of the task. As you can see in the previous invocation, that output is placed into the NumNUnitFailures
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repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.COUNT, 5); event.setRepeat(repeat); }
The Restrictions tab, shown in Figure 10-14, allows you to restrict certain activities on the iPhone. This includes disabling built-in features such as the device camera, Safari, YouTube, and the iTunes Music Store. You can also configure restrictions to prevent only elicit content from being watched or heard in the iPod app, and you can prevent additional applications from being installed.
where tablename is the name of the table you want to create, column1 is the name of the first column, datatype1 is the data type of column1, and nullspec1 specifies whether the column should allow null values. While most parts of this syntax are intuitive, notice that the null specifications for columns are either NULL or NOT NULL. And, though not apparent from the syntax, table names must be unique within schemas (e.g., dbo is the schema in Northwind to which all the tables we re working with belong) within a database.
When an oddity like this shows up, you need to think of two things. First: is the example a special case (Our column has only 12 distinct values would the problem occur, or be so apparent, if there were more distinct values ) Second: are there closely related areas that might produce other oddities Let s spend a little time experimenting around these two questions to see what happens. The code to create the base table was as follows: create table audience as select trunc(dbms_random.value(1,13)) from all_objects where rownum <= 1200 ;
Designing the Body Section
If you are going to use template caching, I recommend using the flat-file method, as it does not require further use of the database. Boards under duress already stress the database, so it s good to try to offload from the database when you can.
@interface CCT01Controller : NSObject <EAAccessoryDelegate>{ EAAccessory *_accessory; EASession *_session; NSString *_protocolString; }
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