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Figure 3 46. Defining the else condition Finally, define the mapping actions that BizTalk should take when the logical comparison is not true. In this example, the Value Mapping functoids simply need to map under the <SmallSales> element in the destination message. 1. 2. 3. 4. Drag a Value Mapping functoid onto the map surface. Create a link from the Not Equal functoid that represents the else case to the Value Mapping functoid. Create a link from the Amount field of the source message to the Value Mapping functoid. Create a link from the Value Mapping functoid to the SaleAmount field appearing under the SmallSales record to define where the small value will occur in the destination message, as shown in Figure 3 47.
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Data backup frameworks don t need to stop at redundant copies of data. Backup and downtime discussions go hand in hand. How long would it take to get a system back online if a primary server with important data went down How crucial would this be to the organization s operation Fault tolerance goes a step beyond the conversation of backing up your data and into the conversation of what you would do if any component of the whole network environment failed. For example, if you are running a mail server and your primary Internet connection goes down, then what is the contingency plan What if you were to lose the hard drive on the server because of hardware failure What if the logic board on the server dies Some organizations go so far as to have a duplicate of every device in their environment. For most, though, it is a matter of analyzing what you can live without in the event of a failure because some fault-tolerant solutions do not have an appropriately high return on investment in case of a failure. If downtime is a critical factor in keeping a data structure alive, you should consider implementing a failover or fault-tolerant solution. In fact, the cost of providing fault tolerance could actually mitigate the cost of downtime in cases where downtime can cause loss of productivity. When configuring Mac OS X Server (or Mac OS X Client as a server) hosting various services, you may choose to provide a fault-tolerant solution when high availability is required.
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Using Timbuktu Pro
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Figure 5 54. High-level architecture of the response
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3 16. Creating Functoid If-Then-Else Logic
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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging
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'T list -> 'T list -> 'T list
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5. Note that we are talking about CAS here.
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SQL Server 2005 Overview and Installation
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Address to[] = new Address[1]; to[0] = new Address("", "Barack Obama"); msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, to); msg.setPriority(Message.Priority.HIGH); msg.setSubject("Mission complete"); msg.setContent("The job is done. Awaiting further instructions.");
Displaying Samples from Sensors
public void init(PortletConfig config) throws PortletException { super.init(config); //get the location of the Lucene index from the //indexPath initialization parameter indexPath = config.getInitParameter("indexPath"); if (indexPath == null) { //this portlet requires this parameter String errMsg = "The init parameter indexPath must be set."; throw new UnavailableException(errMsg); } //set Lucene lockdir because may not exist in Pluto System.setProperty("org.apache.lucene.lockdir", indexPath); }
Change happens, it s a fact. So why do so many people resist change, despite the fact that it happens all the time You would think that everyone would be used to having things change, and yet some people stubbornly refuse to let go. There are three main drivers of change: people, technology, and information. In case you were not aware, as a DBA you will (most likely) be working in a division of a company called Information Technology. That title has two of the three drivers alone! Toss in the fact that people are employed there, and it s no wonder you will see so much change on a daily basis. To quote Alan Zimmerman, The real problem isn t the change . . . it s people s reaction to the change. The change cycle itself has three stages: a beginning, a middle, and an end. When change happens we can dive right into it at the beginning, while in the middle we feel tied to both our past (known) and our future (unknown) states, and at the end we finally let go of the known state, which is often something we found dependable and reliable. As people pass through these three stages, they react in different ways. Consider the following type of groups of people you may already know: Innovators Early adopters Early majority
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