vb.net data matrix generator vb.net Figure 4-6. The Image Assist icon and pop-up window in visual basic

Compose Data Matrix barcode in visual basic Figure 4-6. The Image Assist icon and pop-up window

Table 10-16. Delegate Types Encountered Occasionally in F# Coding
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You Are Not Fast Enough
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Embedded XAML reference: XAML can also be embedded within a <script> tag within your HTML. Should you use this approach, you will need to name the tag, and then set the Source property of the Silverlight control to this value, prefixed with #.
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Figure 11-14. Adding row definitions The source for the MainPage.xaml file should be very similar to the following (the actual heights and widths do not need to be exact):
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Designing the Body Section
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Properties that support the BizTalk Server orchestration engine. Properties that support the processing of MIME-encoded messages. Properties that support the different adapters, both standard (such as File and FTP) and third-party adapters. These properties are available for documents that have been processed using the specific adapter (for example, if a message was received on a File adapter, the file promoted properties will be populated). Properties that support the processing of XML documents.
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Writes the contents of the DataSet as XML data. No XSD schema information is written. Writes the contents of the DataSet as XML data. Also, writes XSD schema information along with the data. Writes the contents of the DataSet as DiffGram XML markup. The DiffGram stores the current as well as original column values.
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The minimum recommended CPU that SQL Server will run on is a 500 MHz processor, a compatible processor, or similar processing power. However, as with most minimums listed here, Microsoft wholly recommends a faster processor, 1 GHz in fact. The faster the processor, the better your SQL Server will perform, and from this the fewer bottlenecks that could surface. Many of today s computers start at 2 GHz or above, and 500 MHz has not been the standard installation for a couple of years now. If you have a lower-speed processor, try to invest in upgrading it. You will find your development time reduced for it. However, it is not processor alone that speeds up SQL Server. A large part is also down to the amount of memory that your computer has.
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Figure 7-2. XML data returned by the ExecuteXmlReader() method Figure 7-2 shows the output for the following query: SELECT firstname, lastname FROM employees As you can see, the element name is the same as the table name, and columns appear as attributes.
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Digital Photos
<filter> <description>Acegi Request Filter</description> <filter-name>acegi-request-filter</filter-name> <filter-class> org.springframework.web.filter.DelegatingFilterProxy </filter-class> <init-param> <param-name>targetBeanName</param-name> <param-value>acegiRequestFilter</param-value> </init-param> </filter>
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network (SAN), they will not be asking you how to configure it; they will be asking someone on the server team. Since a SAN can and will have dramatic impacts on database servers, you need to be involved in those discussions. Ideally you will be invited to the table to discuss such things early on, and the more time you spend with the server team, the better chance you have to know about what changes are coming your way. You are also going to frequently be needed to help the developers and the server administrators talk to and understand each other. Why is that the case Well, think of yourself as the universal translator. Developers know code, and they know various facets of the business; and because they focus on those items daily, they are not spending time racking servers, installing routers, replacing hard disks, allocating space on the SAN, and so forth. Server administrators do those things, but they do not know how to code or build applications that will drive the business forward at the same speed as a developer. Unfortunately these two groups rarely interface unless there is a problem (or an opportunity to point fingers at each other). That is where you come in. The developers can point their fingers at you and explain what the roadblock is at the moment, and you can turn and speak to the server administrators in a language they can understand. Without you, that does not happen, frustrations levels rise, and your shop ends up spending far too much money on hardware to solve issues that could be remedied by altering a few lines of code. So by meeting with both groups, you continue to brush up on your language skills and help to keep the peace, and ultimately you can also help to reduce costs.
After the connection is established, you can use each SecureConnection as you would an ordinary SocketConnection. You can also call getSecurityInfo() to obtain additional details about the negotiated security, such as the server s certificate and the cipher being used for crypto.
Exposing an Existing Application As a Portlet
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