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NOTE: If you start the services and then later decide that you don t want to use DeployStudio, it has an uninstalled included in its installation disk image. You can also stop and unload the deamon services to temporarily free up the typically minor amount of resources its database components use. The command to disable is: launchctl unload w /LibraryLaunchDaemons/com.deploystudio.server.plist
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sudo dscl . -change /Users/corpadmin NFSHomeDirectory /Users/corpadmin /var/corpadmin
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You gave the full path for the XML file to place it in the solution directory. Had you given only the filename, it would have been placed in the bin\Release subdirectory under the WriteXML project directory. Note that the XML has simply mapped the dataset as a hierarchy. The first XML element <NewDataSet> is the dataset name (defaulted to NewDataSet since you didn t specify one). The next element, <products>, uses the data table name (you have only one data table since you used only one query to populate the dataset), and it s nested inside the dataset element. The data column elements, <productname> and <unitprice>, are nested inside this element. The data for each column appears (as plain text) between the start tag (for example, <productname>) and the end tag (for example, </productname>) for each column element. Note that the <products> elements represent individual rows, not the whole table. So, the column elements are contained within the start tag <products> and end tag </products> for each row. If you scroll to the bottom of the XML file, you ll find the end tag </NewDataSet> for the dataset. As we said, XML is fundamental to ADO.NET. You ll see more of it in 17.
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Presenting the Sample Application
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Just like some programming languages, such as C#, XML markup is case sensitive. That means <customer>, <Customer>, and <CUSTOMER> all are treated as different tags.
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behind the scenes. Data views are designed to provide different views of the data stored in an underlying data table, so they re useful when it comes to data binding. A data view can allow two or more controls to be bound to the same data source, thus allowing each bound control to have a different view of data altogether. For instance, one control could display all available rows in a table, and another could display selected rows or columns. Similarly, a bound DataRow object is actually a DataRowView object that provides a customizable view.
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The steps for creating and configuring a send port are as follows: 1. From the BizTalk Administration Console, right-click Send Ports, and select New Static One-way Send Port. The details behind the types of send ports are as follows: Static one-way port: Static indicates that the properties are fixed and set at design time. One-way indicates that there will be no response back to BizTalk after the message is sent. Static solicit-response port: Static indicates that the properties are fixed and set at design time. Solicit-response indicates that there will be a response back to BizTalk after the message is sent. Dynamic one-way port: Dynamic indicates that properties will be set at runtime to define the ultimate destination of the message. One-way indicates that there will be no response back to BizTalk after the message is sent.
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Figure 27-9. When creating a new appointment, you can add all the details you need, but
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The files in the download for this chapter are shown in Table 4-3. Table 4-3. 4 Test Cases
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GUI applications revolve around events, and F# provides a natural way to process events with functions. Graphical interfaces are often developed using visual editors, in particular to build GUIs by assembling controls. Applications, however, often need drawing capabilities for displaying and manipulating data, which requires custom programming to augment available controls. This chapter discusses how to develop graphical applications with F# and why the functional traits of the language suit the event-driven programming paradigm typical of GUIs. In this chapter, you use the Windows Forms library, the graphic toolkit designed by Microsoft on top of GDI+ and Win32 that is the former Windows presentation system. The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the new presentation framework for the Windows platform; it s discussed later in this chapter. You may wonder why it s useful to know about the old-fashioned Windows Forms toolkit. The answer is twofold: on one hand, the framework structure is shaped after a consolidated model that dominated graphical programming for decades and is still used in many other frameworks for programming GUIs such as GTK#, a .NET managed library for writing applications based on the GTK toolkit; on the other hand, Windows Forms is still the GUI toolkit for programming managed applications for mobile devices based on Windows Mobile.
You concatenate the three columns Title, FirstName, and LastName into one column titled Person Name using the + operator. select Title + ' ' + FirstName + ' ' + LastName as "Person Name" You specify the WHERE clause with a pattern using the LIKE operator to list all people whose first name consists of a total six characters. As per the WHERE clause, FirstName must begin with B and end with a and have any four letters in between. You also specify the condition that the null values should not be listed from the Title column: where FirstName like 'B____a' and Title is not null
You ll find the snfsdefrag tool, which is part of Xsan, in the /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/ bin directory. You can use the utility to look up fragmentation statistics as well as to perform defragmentation operations. If you re using Xsan as back-end storage, you may need to perform defragmentation operations routinely. NOTE: When you re defragmenting a volume we recommend that you always use the - switch -v to enable verbose mode. The snfsdefrag utility can defrag individual files or recurse directories or volumes. Before you initiate the actual operation, though, you should run it with the c switch to perform an extent count so you can see how many each fragmented file has. To do so on bighonkinvolume, type
Figure 1-6. Using XPath to select nodes
Figure 10-15. GeroRSS.xml tree view Complete code:
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