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Emphasis: This gives you control over what, if anything, happens to the object while it s on screen. As the name suggests, you can use this animation to emphasize various elements while you re giving the presentation. Some emphasis effects are more dramatic than others, and this lets you control the impact. If you want to make an important point, you can use a dramatic effect, while more moderate information is presented with a more subdued effect. Exit: As you might expect, this lets you add an exit animation to the object. You might choose to have it fly off the side of the screen or spin away off the top of the screen. The animation choices here are identical to the Entrance choices. Motion path: This makes the selected element fly around on screen according to a particular path. For example, selecting Heart will cause the element to fly around describing the shape of a heart, eventually returning to its origin. A motion path is effectively another way of emphasizing a particular object.
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Exercise 2-3. Play Block Lottery!
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Amount to Convert Convert from (currency) Convert to (currency) Status Total Converted Convert Button More Stuff Button
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Note If the wizard does not start, launch it by selecting BAM View from the BAM menu in the Add-ins section of
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Constructing a Shell Script
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Defining the Control s Appearance
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Figure 8-4. Filtering and sorting a data table
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Figure 9-17. Adding a Code activity between the input and the output
Index Hash Join
We will keep our example using explicit localization simple yet very descriptive and to the point. Let s begin. Our goal for this exercise is to demonstrate how the Label control on the page will have its text property set to read from the resource le, hence the term explicit. 1. Create a new web project. After the project loads within the IDE, right-click the web project, choose Add New Item, and select Assembly Resource File. Keep the default name: Resource.resx. You will then be prompted with the message box shown in Figure 8-11.
Exporting Event Information
In this example, you ll try to insert a duplicate customer and delete an existing customer. Add customer a and delete customer aa by entering the following statement, and then click the Execute button: exec sp_Trans_Test 'a', 'a ', 'aa '
The Location module is made up of the following parts: A public API definition describing how to work with location information in Drupal. This can be found in the file location_API.txt. location.module, an implementation of the Location module location.inc, a set of common tools earth.inc, a set of tools for working with latitude and longitude values A set of 243 files found in location/supported, each representing a different country, providing location services that range from a list of states or provinces to proximity searches and geocoding of postal addresses location/database/zipcodes.mysql, the definition for an optional zip codes table, which is required for the advanced features like geocoding A growing number of location/database/zipcodes.country-code.mysql data dumps to provide zip code support for specific countries (the United States and Germany are currently available) Follow these steps to install the Location module: 1. Download the latest version of the Location module from http://drupal.org/project/ location. 2. Make a backup of your database. 3. Load the database definition from the file appropriate to your database, either location.mysql or location.pgsql.
Figure 1-2. Accepting the End User License Agreement
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