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Produce DataMatrix in VB.NET Enabling the Search Box

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Figure 18 20. Creating a Media Set
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In this section, you will learn to build a report without the help of Report Wizard. That means that you will have to define a data source and build a design for your report. Once the report is built, I will show you how to add some interactivity by using parameters. Before we do the actual demo, let s take a closer look at some of the elements we can use.
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set { channelUri = value; OnChannelUriChanged(value); } } private void OnChannelUriChanged(Uri value) { Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() => { txtURI.Text = "changing uri to " + value.ToString(); }); Debug.WriteLine("changing uri to " + value.ToString()); } The last bit of code above will print the URI of the push notification channel opened by the application into the Visual Studio Output window, which will allow you to copy and paste that URI into the Windows Forms application that you will be building in the next section. Certainly, in the real-world application, this copy and paste method is not appropriate; a more robust method of exchanging that URI, such as passing it to a web service, would be more appropriate. You will build a more realistic method of exchanging this URI later on in this chapter. 6. Open MainPage.xaml in Design view (right-click MainPage.xaml in Solution Explorer and select View Designer), double-click the Create Channel button, and make the btnCreateChannel_Click event handler look like the following: private void btnCreateChannel_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { SetupChannel(); } 7. Paste the following SetupChannel function into the btnCreate_Click event handler (note that you can always download the code available for this book). Here, you use the HttpNotificationChannel class to try to find an existing push notification channel or open a new channel with a given channel name.
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range of relational databases, XML documents, and even in-memory data structures. LINQ supports all these types of data stores with the help of LINQ query expressions of first-class language constructs in Visual Basic 2008. LINQ offers the following advantages: LINQ offers common syntax for querying any type of data source; for example, you can query an XML document in the same way as you query a SQL database, an ADO.NET dataset, an in-memory collection, or any other remote or local data source that you have chosen to connect to and access by using LINQ. LINQ bridges the gap and strengthens the connection between relational data and the object-oriented world. LINQ speeds development time by catching many errors at compile time and including IntelliSense and debugging support. LINQ query expressions (unlike traditional SQL statements) are strongly typed.
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Figure 7-5. Default.aspx with a Treeview control 2. Drag a SiteMapDataSource control over from the Toolbox pane located under the Data grouping panel to the Default.aspx page. This will have a default name of SiteMapDataSource1 (Figure 7-6). 3. Right-click on the Treeview control you just added, and choose the Properties option from the menu. From the Properties window, click on the DataSourceID property and choose SiteMapDataSource1, which is the control you just added (Figure 7-7).
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application developer to specify an ID of the application (in the ContentIdentifier property) to show the Windows Phone Marketplace page for. This application ID is optional if it s not supplied to the MarketplaceDetailTask class, the details for the current application are shown in the Marketplace. The MarketplaceReviewTask class, on the other hand, does not expose any public properties, and its Show method displays the review page with an option to buy for the current application only. Let s enhance the TrialSample application created in the previous walkthrough with an option to review and buy the application from the Windows Phone Marketplace. We will enhance the code so that if an application is executing in the trial mode, it will show two buttons one with an option to Upgrade to Full Version and another with an option to Cancel and return to the main screen. Follow these steps to complete these enhancements. First, you ll add the new namespace reference that contains the APIs you need, and then add the two new buttons: 1. Launch Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone if it is not already open, and open the Windows Phone Application project called TrialSample created during the previous walkthrough. Add the following statement to the top of the page:
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Term describing the ability of a single computer program to meet diverse needs, regardless of the scale of the potential uses. The Linux kernel is described as being scalable, because it can run supercomputers, as well as handheld computers and home entertainment devices.
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Figure 9-2. Text boxes bound to column values barecode pdf 417
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Try It Out: Writing an Inner Join of Three Tables
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s Note Did you know that you can put code snippets in the Toolbox, too Simply highlight them, and then
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