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Customer cust = mgr.GetCustomer(4711); int age = cust.GetAge(); Console.WriteLine("Client.Main(): Customer {0} {1} is {2} years old.", cust.FirstName, cust.LastName, age); Console.ReadLine(); } } } In contrast to the examples earlier in this chapter, the client s configuration file needs to be changed to contain the correct URL to the newly deployed components. <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <client> <!-- This entry only works with the RemotingHelper class --> <wellknown type="General.IRemoteCustomerManager, General" url="http://localhost/MyServer/CustomerManager.rem" /> </client> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
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We now come to how we want to enforce security on your SQL Server installation. As Figure 1-9 shows, there are two choices: Windows authentication mode and mixed mode. You will learn more about modes later in the chapter but very, very simply, Windows authentication mode denotes that you are going to use Windows security to maintain your SQL Server logins, whereas mixed mode uses either Windows security or a SQL Server defined login ID and password. We also need to define a password for a special login ID, called sa. Again, you will learn more about this in a moment, but for now you must enter a valid password. Use a meaningful and impossibleto-guess password.
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Figure 4-9. Administrative Tools: Data Sources (ODBC)
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External Schema
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There are times when a fixed-size array will not meet your needs. Similarly, there are times when you need a data structure that you can insert items into or delete items from. Inserting and deleting items in the middle of an array is not possible without moving all the subsequent elements. For efficient deletion and insertion, use an ArrayList (see Listing 5-34). An ArrayList is like an array that supports list-like functionality. An ArrayList can grow to an undetermined length as needed.
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Table 12-3. Costs Changing with Memory Allocation and Feature Usage (Continued)
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[Test(expected="RangeError")] public function rangeCheck():void { var child:Sprite = new Sprite(); child.getChildAt(0); }
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How It Works
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The reverse of PIVOT is, of course, UNPIVOT, which will unpivot data by placing column data into rows. You can prove this by unpivoting the data just pivoted using the preceding query. The code that follows will rebuild the pivot and place the data into a temporary table. From that temporary table, you can unpivot the data.
7. Note that this feature allows clients to plug into the update process and thus create customized update solutions.
At a recent conference, I managed to draw an audience of 1,200 people. How many of them do you think were born in December If you ve decided that the answer is about 100, then you ve just performed a perfect imitation of the CBO. (I lied about the audience size to keep the numbers simple, by the way.)
integers, strings, and System.DateTime values are immutable, and the F# library defines a range of immutable data structures such as Set and Map, based on binary trees. Immutable values offer many advantages. At first it may seem strange to define values you can t change. However, knowing a value is immutable means you rarely need to think about the value s object identity you can pass such values to routines and know they won t be mutated. You can also pass them between multiple threads without worrying about unsafe concurrent access to the values, discussed in 13.
int main() { ElementType oxygen; oxygen.AtomicWeight = 15.9994; ValueAccessor^ get_method = gcnew ValueAccessor(oxygen, &ElementType::AtomicWeight::get); Console::WriteLine("{0}", get_method->Invoke()); } Say we d like to also have some static properties in our Element class. In fact, we d like to make a periodic table class with a static array property. There is nothing special about a static property; all the rules for static methods and fields apply. Static properties are intended to be used for properties of a type, not properties of a particular instance. Listing 7-5 is a first attempt at this. Listing 7-5. Trying to Define a Static Property // property_static.cpp value class ElementType { public: // Periodic Table of the Elements static property array<ElementType>^ PeriodicTable; static ElementType() { PeriodicTable = gcnew array<ElementType>(120); // Initialize each element and its properties. } }; That s great, but if we later want to change the implementation from an array to a List or Hashtable, we might need to rewrite the code that uses the property. A better way to implement collection-like properties is to use vector properties, also called indexed properties.
Localization and Internationalization
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