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This exercise will demonstrate how to add the Treeview control to the web project. You will also see the SiteMapPath control working in conjunction with it. 1. Drag a Treeview control over from the Toolbox pane located under the Navigation grouping panel to the Default.aspx page. You will notice that the Treeview control already populates the hierarchy based on the web.sitemap you built in the previous section (Figure 7-5).
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The Player class uses four custom events that hold the constants of the event types and the variables we need to pass such as taking a look at one of the custom events.
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don t want your object to be destroyed after some minutes. (More on this later in this chapter.)
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-D decoy_host1, decoy2[,...] -6 -T <timing>
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Note In days of old, special tools were used to access MS-DOS floppies under Linux, and you might hear
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ASP.NET applications work hand in hand with the Internet Information Server (IIS) in many aspects. This is very much the case with security and authenticating users to view the information in your web projects. Given this information, you can choose three different schemes or methods to help authenticate users who want to gain access to your ASP.NET applications: Windows, Forms, and Passport authentication. Each has its own strengths for different scenarios. After reading this chapter you will have a full understanding of each method so you can decide which method is best for your individual application or project. Before getting into great detail, Table 11-1 compares the authentication methods. We do not discuss at length any authentication associated with your web content, but we need at least to mention that it is possible and an available option. Lastly, regardless of the method of authentication, the web.config file holds the name and configuration settings for the method you choose. Next let s look at each individual method in detail.
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Typical Command Options
Figure 6-1. The <portlet-app> XML Schema
GetFrameworkPath GetFrameworkSdkPath LC MakeDir Message MSBuild ReadLinesFromFile RegisterAssembly RemoveDir RemoveDuplicates ResGen ResolveAssemblyReference ResolveComReference ResolveKeySource ResolveNativeReference SGen SignFile Touch UnregisterAssembly Vbc VCBuild Warning WriteLinesToFile
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