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If your camera doesn t appear to be recognized by Ubuntu, you should consider buying a USB card reader. These devices are typically inexpensive and usually can read a wide variety of card types, making them a useful investment for the future. Some new PCs even come with card readers built in. Most generic card readers should work fine under Linux, as will most new digital cameras.
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function gmcxquery() { /usr/bin/mcxquery -format xml $@ | open -f -a /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Property\ List\ ;}
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Professional Development
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Figure 8-29. A mixture of TOP and rowcount
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Execution Plan ( - using distinct - no system stats) ----------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=30 Card=15 Bytes=375) 1 0 INTERSECTION 2 1 SORT (UNIQUE) (Cost=15 Card=15 Bytes=180) 3 2 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=6 Card=2500 Bytes=30000) 4 1 SORT (UNIQUE) (Cost=15 Card=15 Bytes=195) 5 4 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (Cost=6 Card=2000 Bytes=26000) Execution Plan ( - NO distinct - no system stats) --------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=37 Card=2000 Bytes=56000) 1 0 INTERSECTION 2 1 SORT (UNIQUE) (Cost=19 Card=2500 Bytes=30000) 3 2 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=6 Card=2500 Bytes=30000) 4 1 SORT (UNIQUE) (Cost=18 Card=2000 Bytes=26000) 5 4 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (Cost=6 Card=2000 Bytes=26000) Whether we included the distinct operator or not, the optimizer has specified a sort (unique) (lines 2 and 4) before taking the intersection. Moreover, if you run the queries with event 10032 set to check the number of rows sorted and the number of comparisons made, you will find that the run-time engine has done exactly the same amount of work in both cases. It is common knowledge that you do not need to include the distinct operator as I have done in the first example. In fact, some people will say it is an error to include the distinct because it will introduce redundant sorting (which is not the case, as this example shows). So, in general, queries using set operators tend to be written without the distinct. Look closely at the costs and cardinalities, though. They are completely different. When we introduce the distinct operator, the optimizer estimates the number of rows that will be produced by each of the two halves of the query using the normal Group by Cardinality calculations, which results in lower costs and lower final cardinality. (The difference in costs disappears in this example if you enable CPU costing but that s just the normal oddity of how costing for in-memory sorts can change as you enable CPU costing.)
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Figure 2-2. Sample permissions for a Moderator role
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14. Click Customers, hold down Ctrl as you click Orders, then click Add. The Add Table window remains open so that you can add more tables, but these are enough for this demonstration, so click Close. A diagram showing the tables, their columns, and the relationship between the tables appears in its own window as in Figure 2-14. Close the diagram window, and click Yes when prompted to save the changes. In the Choose Name window, accept the default name, and click OK.
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Any user with the Administer Users permission (see the Controlling Access section later in this chapter for more about permissions) can create new user accounts. The process of adding a new user is as simple as selecting administer users add user (admin/user/create) and providing a username, e-mail address, and password. As noted earlier, no mail is sent to the newly created user.
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Then you executed a query, and got the CustomerIds of two employees:
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Securing the Mail Server
Drupal gets all of its information about which page to display from the URL in the address bar. Because Drupal is database-driven, and each page is dynamically created by PHP scripts, these URLs do not point to physical files on the server, but rather convey information to Drupal about what is being requested. In Drupal, all requests are directed to index.php. This happens by virtue of the request rewriting that is defined in the .htaccess file. Both of these files can be found in the root of your Drupal installation. (See the .htaccess file for more details about request rewriting.) If the URL has GET parameters in the form q=admin/ user, the final URL that is given to index.php will be q=admin/ user (you don t see this happening, though). If you have clean URLs enabled and the original URL is http://, it will get rewritten to q=node/1. In every case, the request will have the parameter q with some sort of path information behind it, and the entire request is directed to index.php. It is this path information, represented by the q parameter, that Drupal uses to decide which page to serve.
MAGE Scenario: ClickOnce Application Has to Be Deployed to More Than One Server
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In one chapter it would be impossible to learn everything about 3D in Flex, but this chapter gives you enough knowledge to get started. There are several APIs at your disposal if you want to work with 3D in Flex. The API covered in this chapter will be Papervision. The goal of this chapter is not to teach you 3D but rather teach you how you can use the Papervision API in your Flex projects. Getting started is a relatively painless process.
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