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When you hold a Windows Phone in your hand with its display facing you, think of it as occupying the origin of a three-dimensional graph with its z axis pointing toward you (a positive direction), its y axis pointing down (a negative direction), and its x axis pointing toward the right (a positive direction). Figure 6 1 shows how these three axes are positioned relative to the device as you hold it facing toward you in your hand.
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Note how Visual Studio automatically shows a choice of New Event Handler right after the double quotes. If you press the Tab key now, the skeleton code for the worker function will be automatically inserted in the MainPage.xaml.cs file and it will have a default name of ApplicationBarMenuItem_Click. To add functionality to the Application Bar button click event, open MainPage.xaml.cs (by right-clicking the MainPage.xaml file and selecting View Code) and edit that function in a way similar to the preceding button click event function.
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Figure 7-4. The initial design of the Accumulate Order Items activity This simply enumerates each of the order items and executes an Assign activity, which adds $10 for each item to the OrderTotal. Select the Assign activity and click the Delete key to remove this activity. In its place, drag a Sequence activity onto the Body section. Set its DisplayName to Lookup Item and expand it. Drag a LookupItem activity onto this the Lookup Item Sequence. Notice that the Properties window (shown in Figure 7-5) contains the ItemCode and Item arguments that you defined for this activity. The DisplayName argument was defined in the base CodeActivity class.
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As with other Microsoft programming frameworks, Silverlight provides an event mechanism to track actions that take place within Silverlight applications. Two types of actions are tracked within Silverlight: Actions that are triggered based on some input from the user. Input actions are handled and bubbled up from the browser to the Silverlight object model. Actions that are triggered based on a change of state of a particular object, including the object s state in the application. These actions are handled directly from the Silverlight object model.
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Chart of Accounts Normal, Arial, 10pt, Bold ="Page :" & Globals!PageNumber & " of " & Globals!TotalPages Right 2pt
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to find which writing styles were most appealing for me. This became important later on as I searched for my own particular writing style. Reading allows for you to connect with, and learn from, the author. The more you read, the more you will be drawn to certain writers, and the more you will be connected to your community as a whole. For example, you may subscribe to several blogs, all written by some of the prominent leaders in your industry. By reading their blogs, or other trade publications, you can get a sense of what others in your field are doing. You can see how they have solved certain issues, or read about their reviews of a product, and get a sense of sharing some common ground. One day you will find yourself reading some article that describes a solution to a problem that is similar to something you have seen recently. You will suddenly think to yourself Hey, what if I took their solution and see if it would work for me here You ll make a few changes and deploy the solution to see if it is what you need, which will increase that connection you feel with the author, and also have learned something in the process. Therefore, reading more also has a residual benefit in addition to helping your communication skills; you get to improve your technical skills (or whatever you are reading about) as well. As your skills improve to a certain level, you will start to think about attending training seminars, lectures, code camps, or conferences.
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<util:list id="list"> <value>Mauve</value> <value>Puce</value> <value>Burnt Umber</value> <value>Beige</value> </util:list> <util:set id="set"> <value>London</value> <value>Paris</value> <value>Tokyo</value> <value>Washington</value> </util:set> <util:map id="map"> <entry key="Colours" value-ref="list"></entry> </util:map>
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How It Works
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A TrackingProfile defines a collection of queries that specify which events are to be tracked by the associated tracking participant. These queries are used to determine if an event is trackable. The queries are stored in the Queries property, which is a collection of classes derived from the abstract TrackingQuery class. There are four derived classes that correspond to the four types of tracking records: WorkflowInstanceQuery BookmarkResumptionQuery ActivityStateQuery CustomTrackingQuery
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The preceding can be helpful if you are, for example, binding in an environment of preexisting machines.
for encryption, check PGP Encrypt.
Although we know that this cardinality of 16 is actually wrong, the plan seems to have followed the standard cardinality formula for single table access quite correctly. To reprise the working for selectivity: Selectivity of ind_pad = 1 Selectivity of n1 = 1 / 25 Selectivity of n2 = 1 / 25 Total selectivity = 1 / 625 Hence cardinality = 10,000 / 625 = 16 Similarly, we can check view user_indexes for the values for the blevel (2), leaf_blocks (1,107), and clustering_factor (6,153), and put them into the standard cost formula: Cost = blevel + ceiling(selectivity * leaf_blocks) + ceiling(selectivity * clustering_factor) 2 + ceiling(1,107 / 625) + ceiling(6,153 / 625) 2 + 2 + 10 4 + 10 -- note the cost of the index (line 2 of the execution plan) 14 -- the total cost of the table access (line 1 of the plan)
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