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public class PlayingScreen extends MainScreen implements PlayerListener {
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One of the easiest ways to build a partial implementation of an object is to qualify the implementation of the object by a number of function parameters that complete the implementation. For example, the following code defines an object interface type called ITextOutputSink, a partial implementation of that type called simpleOutputSink, and a function called simpleOutputSink that acts as a partial implementation of that type. The remainder of the implementation is provided by a function parameter called writeCharFunction: /// An object interface type that consumes characters and strings type ITextOutputSink = /// When implemented, writes one Unicode character to the sink abstract WriteChar : char -> unit /// When implemented, writes one Unicode string to the sink abstract WriteString : string -> unit /// Returns an object that implements ITextOutputSink by using writeCharFunction let simpleOutputSink writeCharFunction = { new ITextOutputSink with member x.WriteChar(c) = writeCharFunction c member x.WriteString(s) = s |> String.iter x.WriteChar } This construction function uses function values to build an object of a given shape. Here the inferred type is as follows: val simpleOutputSink: (char -> unit) -> ITextOutputSink The following code instantiates the function parameter to output the characters to a particular System.Text.StringBuilder object, an imperative type for accumulating characters in a buffer before converting these to an immutable System.String value: let stringBuilderOuputSink (buf : System.Text.StringBuilder ) = simpleOutputSink (fun c -> buf.Append(c) |> ignore) Here is an example that uses this function interactively:
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Interfaces may have literal fields, but not nonstatic constant fields. Recall from 6 that static constant fields do not appear constant to assemblies that import the constants via #using, whereas literal fields do appear constant in that case (see Listing 9-12). Listing 9-12. Using Literals in Interfaces // interfaces_constants.cpp interface class I { static const int i = 100; literal int j = 50; // const int k; };
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Figure 9 1. Apple developer program relationships
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public void checkForRequest(final ContentHandlerServer server) { Invocation pendingRequest = server.getRequest(false); if (pendingRequest != null) { // Process this request immediately. } else { (new Thread() { public void run() { while (true) { Invocation incoming = server.getRequest(true); if (incoming != null) { // Process invocation here. } } } }).start(); } }
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1. Open the file in Illustrator CS4. This file contains artwork for another
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Figure 14-13. Viewing the changes As a result of the SQL caching, the Web Form stayed within the cache and was served from it until a change was made to the database table. This technique can provide great optimization for web applications.
Caution This section s contents are based on a prerelease version of phpBB 3.0. The objects I briefly
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