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Portlet Example with a 3D Pie Chart
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Figure 8-22. Sending the results to different places
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9. In Solution Explorer, expand the References node. Note the four new assemblies (System.Data.DLinq, System.Data.Extensions, System.Query, and System.Xml.XLinq) VBE automatically provides (see Figure 18-9).
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Figure 7-2. Adding the StartingHands.cs class to the project 2. Now you need to implement the StartingHands.cs class. It is very similar to the class used in 5 s DataGrid example. To save yourself some typing, you can copy the code from that project. As shown in bold in the following code, the only differences are the namespace and the return type of the GetHands() method. Instead of using an ObservableCollection, it will return a simple List<StartingHands>.
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Someone who breaks into computer systems to steal data or cause damage. The term is not necessarily linked to Linux or Unix but was created by the community to combat the widespread use of hacker in this sense. The word hacker has traditionally defined someone who merely administers, programs, and generally enjoys computers.
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CHAPTER 8: Training, Get You Some of That
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A portlet may ask the portal container to cache its content for a given user. This cache is on a timeout expiration basis, which means that the content is fresh only for a specified length of time, and at the end of that time, the stale content will be refreshed with a call to the portlet to display content. Any request from the end user to the portlet will automatically invalidate the cache for that portlet, and the portlet s response to the user contains the cached content fragment. The deployment descriptor for the portlet contains an XML element called <expiration-cache>, which is a child of the <portlet> element. The optional <expiration-cache> element contains the maximum number of seconds for the portlet s content timeout cache. The cache may be set to never expire with a value of -1. Refreshes to the portlet s content will occur only if the user sends a request to the portlet. If the portlet does not use the cache, the timeout cache value should be set to zero. The portlet may also set its cache timeout value during a request if it has an expiration cache in its deployment descriptor. The portlet would change the portlet.expiration-cache property on the RenderResponse object to a new value. The name of the property is also a static constant String field on the RenderResponse object called EXPIRATION_CACHE. A portal container does not cache information across multiple users, although the portlet may cache information for multiple users itself if performance is an issue. The two major issues with using caches for portlets are changes to back-end content invalidating the cached content, and memory usage. If your portlet relies on a database accessed by multiple users or by other applications, determine what the best trade-off is between reducing load on the server and possibly showing invalid content to the end user. Some portals will not implement caching. If a portlet that supports caching runs on a portal that does not support caching, the portlet will run normally. The caching behavior is invisible to the portlet. This is another good reason not to do anything that modifies the state of the portlet or the underlying data model in the render request handling methods on the portlet. You cannot necessarily control caching or guarantee that the portal will call the portlet s render method only once between action requests.
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Exercise 5-1. Theme Breadcrumb Links
Note BizTalk uses the root element name and the namespace to route the inbound XML file. If the root element
Configuring Windows Azure NotepadService
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t the heart of web applications and web sites in ASP.NET are the elements that you use to build the pages that the user will see. These are called web forms, terminology that is a holdover from Windows development when windows were built using forms. This methodology is unique and innovative in web development. It enables you to create your pages in a visual manner, using server-side controls (as you saw in 2) that are converted into HTML markup by the ASP.NET runtime at the time they are served to the client. This chapter will go into some detail about web forms and how they work in ASP.NET. You ll learn about the event model of a page, and how postbacks work. This chapter will also show you the life cycle of a page, and it will go into the object model that the page supports, going through the control tree that ASP.NET exposes to you as a developer. Finally, you ll take an in-depth look at the Page class, and how it can be used to control the flow between the server and your users, enabling you to access the request and response streams, and parse and/or override them as necessary. By the end of the chapter, you ll have a good understanding of how web forms work, and how you can use them to add great power to your web applications.
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