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Error.argumentOutOfRange: This allows you to create an Error object that represents that an argument was out of the desired range. Error.argumentType: This allows you to create an error that represents a type excep-
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In-Memory Comparisons
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It is also possible to delete a table from a database from the designer using the following button.
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Figure 7-25. Invoice
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WHERE extension BETWEEN 400 AND 500 returns the rows where Extension is between 400 and 500, inclusive. WHERE city IN ('Seattle', 'London') returns the rows where City is either Seattle or London.
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Listing 6 2. Sample Customer Message <ns0:Customer_Request xmlns:ns0="http://SQLAdapterUpdategram"> <ns0:sync> <ns0:after> <ns0:Customer CustomerName="Alice" Address="King" City="Seattle"
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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Recall that when the button is clicked, you need to make sure the button is disabled for however many seconds are set as the cooldown period. To do this, first create a method that checks to see if the cooldown time has expired, as follows: private bool CheckCoolDown() { if (!isCoolDown) { return false; } else { if (DateTime.Now > pressedTime.AddSeconds(CoolDownSeconds)) { isCoolDown = false; return false; } else { return true; } } } The logic behind this method is pretty simple. If the isCoolDown flag is true, then you are simply checking to see if the current time is greater than the pressedTime added to the cooldown. If so, you reset the isCoolDown flag and return false; otherwise, you return true.
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Displaying Charts from a Portlet sample code 128
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Slide WebDAV Client Library
Although calling pipelines from an orchestration generally results in the same functionality and processing as when they are executed via BizTalk messaging objects, you need to be aware of some differences. One of the most important discrepancies is the input and output XLANG message objects that are passed to ExecuteReceivePipeline and ExecuteSendPipeline, respectively. Although XLANG message objects allow you define them as being of any type (XmlDocument, String, DateTime, and so on), the XLANG message instances you pass to the pipeline execute methods must be XML documents. This means that the XLANG message objects should be defined by either the System.Xml.XmlDocument type or an XML schema to ensure consistent behavior. This limitation is because the pipeline execution methods treat their XLANG message parameters as XmlDocument objects. Although it is possible to use a different type to define your XLANG message objects (such as System.String), it is advised you do so with caution and careful consideration and validate that any data written to the message is in XML format.
CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
Along with search engines such as Google ranking fresh content highly, your readers will come to expect that every time they come back to visit, they will have something new to read. You can take several steps to help keep your content fresh.
1. In the Firestarter main window, click the Policy tab. Select Outbound Traffic Policy
Encapsulating and Packaging Your Code
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