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Finally, you ll use the Listbox changed event to update the Key and Value text boxes of the application interface. When the user selects a key from the list box, the application will load the key and its associated value from the isolated storage settings using the selected key and then populate the key and value text boxes. // When key is selected value is retrieved from the storage settings private void lstKeys_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e) { if (e.AddedItems.Count > 0) { string key = e.AddedItems[0].ToString();
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Testing Entity and Referential Integrity
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One of the problems with meta-programming with explicit <@ ... @> quotation marks alone is that you can t analyze very large programs because the entire expression to be analyzed must be delimited by these markers. This is solved in F# by allowing you to tag top-level member and let bindings as reflected. This ensures that their definition is persisted to a table attached to their compiled DLL or EXE. These functions can also be executed as normal F# code. For example, here is a function whose definition is persisted: [<ReflectedDefinition>] let poly x = x+2.0*x+3.0/(x*x) You can retrieve definitions like this using the MethodWithReflectedDefinition and PropertyGetterWithReflectedDefinition active patterns, as shown in Listing 9-11. You can now use this function in a regular <@ ... @> quotation and thus analyze it for errors: > errorEstimate <@ poly @> (3.0, err 0.1);; val it : float * Error = 9.33333 0.582149 > errorEstimate <@ poly @> (30271.3, err 0.0001);; val it : float * Error = 90813.9 3.02723
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get an error in the browser. This offers you two levels of security. The first is that Internet Explorer will present you with a blocking page letting you know that there is a problem with the certificate (see Figure 10-9). This security measure is in place to prevent a bad site from delivering the certificate from a good site and betraying the user s trust. However, Internet Explorer still gives you the choice to proceed to the site, but lets you know that it isn t recommended. Should you decide to do this, you ll see another visual indicator that there is a problem with the site the address bar is colored red and a certificate error is highlighted (see Figure 10-10).
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> -create /Local/Default/Users/corpadmin PrimaryGroupID 20
in Figure 9-19. If you use an Ethernet card, have a wireless card, or attach a broadband modem directly to your computer, the answer will probably be eth0 or wlan0. However, if you use a modem, the answer is ppp0.
To perform an activity search, take the following actions: 1. 2. Under the My Views tree, expand the view that correlates to the view name you have deployed. Expand the Activity Search node, and click a deployed activity. This action will open a query window like the window displayed in Figure 11 20.
Adding Contacts
However, the optimizer used this standard formula to handle in-lists all the way through 8i, and only introduced a corrected formula for in-lists in 9i. This means that the selectivity of an in-list goes up in 9i. The most visible side effect of this is that an in-list iterator that originally used an index may switch to using a tablescan. Alternatively, the change in selectivity may even result in a change in the join order. The change of formula has not yet (as far as been applied to the not in clause.
The following sample demonstrates the usage of WindowsIdentity and WindowsPrincipal in a simple console application project. It simply outputs the identity s name as well as the authentication type and whether the account is a guest account or not as you can see in Listing 5-1.
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