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To add a (strongly) typed DataSet to your web service, you use the Solution Explorer. Right-click your project and select Add New Item. The Add New Item dialog box displays (see Figure 5-5).
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The F# and .NET libraries include definitions for some important generic functions. You saw a number of these in action in earlier chapters. It s important to have a working knowledge of these building blocks, because often your code will automatically become generic when you use these primitives.
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Copy files Move files Rename files Delete files Create directories Delete directories Change directory Edit text files View text files Print text files Compare files Find files Check disk integrity View network settings Check a network connection View a network route Clear screen Get help Quit
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If you do not host your own iChat server and still want to save chat transcripts, the iChat application can fulfill that role. To manually configure transcripts per user in iChat, select Preferences from the iChat menu. Click on the messages tab to access the functionality to save chat, shown in Figure 5-30.
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Figure 12-5. Unpivotted data results Now that we have pivoted data, we can take a look at how we can rank output.
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txtEncryptedData.Text = Encrypt(txtDataToEncrypt.Text, txtPassword.Text, txtSalt.Text); 4. Finally, add code to call the Decrypt method when the user clicks the Decrypt button. Double-click the Decrypt button in MainPage.xaml and add the following code to the Click event handler:
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My outsourcing experience has been quite positive. Apparently I am an aberration, according to the many people who talk about how bad it is to outsource. What I find funny is when someone considers outsourcing to mean that a particular role or function is sent overseas, and doesn t understand that hiring a contractor to come onsite is the same thing. If you are hiring someone to help you with some defined tasks, does it really matter where they sit Why are you comfortable if they sit next to you and do part of your job, and not as comfortable if they are not near you One of the biggest benefits that outsourcing has for me is to make me focus on defining our current processes very helpful when someone demands to see that you have something documented even though they (1) don t really care and (2) don t understand it anyway. Having your stuff documented is necessary anyway. Plus, if your support breaks down, you can go back to your documents and make certain they are clear enough for everyone to understand. If they are, then it allows you to review the process and try making it simpler. In the end, you ll have a stabler environment, and one that is easier to maintain. And one that allows for you to keep your customers happy. Trust me, they like to be happy.
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Using MSBuild with ClickOnce
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Session defaultSession = Session.getDefaultInstance();
Using the LookupItem Activity
XML solves the problem of data representation and exchange. However, often we need to convert this XML data into a format understood by the target application. For example, if your target client application is a web browser, the XML data must be converted to HTML before display in the browser.
CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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