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By default, the backup directory created by Simple Backup is stored in the /var/backup directory. By clicking the Destination tab in the Backup Properties dialog box, you can choose to save it in a different location on your hard disk. Of course, if you have a network mount, you can also opt to save it there. In most cases, we advise that you use /var/backup to store the newly created backup files, and copy the files to their permanent destinations later. You might even choose to do this periodically and automatically. By following the instructions in 32, which explain how to schedule tasks, you could set up a cron job to automatically copy the files to a network mount or removable storage device.
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Table 6-1. Differences Between Value Types and Reference Types
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Hash joins fall into the category of workarea executions and are categorized from 9i onwards as optimal, onepass, or multipass in v$sysstat where you can find the statistics 'workarea executions - optimal', 'workarea executions - onepass', and 'workarea executions multipass'. According to our estimates, the data we want from the build table is so small that it will easily fit into the hash_area_size. This is effectively the definition of an optimal hash join. As a simple overview of the optimal hash join, Figure 12-1 indicates how the join takes place.
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Testing the DAO Layer
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Working with Sequential Convoys
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make sudo mkdir /usr/local/bin sudo cp pty-redir /usr/local/bin
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will be consuming NotepadService from the Notepad application, and ultimately when the service works properly, you will be deploying NotepadService to Windows Azure.
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An example of a handy shortcut is to configure your /home folder to appear whenever you press Ctrl+Home. This can be done by locating the Home Folder option under the Desktop heading.
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Figure 11 32. Request Technical Assistance Web Page Dialog dialog box 5. Open the Event Viewer to verify that an event log entry has been created for the submitted request. Figure 11 33 demonstrates the generated event log entry for the submitted technical assistance request. The entry will be displayed in the Event Viewer as a success audit.
The code is essentially the same as in the preceding examples. However, it sets the newly added properties to corresponding values from the text boxes and combo box. Notice how the complex property Address is set. Also, notice how comma-separated emails entered in the email text box are converted into a string array by using the Split() method. After the Employee object is serialized by calling Serialize(), the serialized XML document looks like the one shown in Figure 8-5.
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