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Apply the formula from 3 for combining selectivities: selectivity (P and Q) = selectivity(P) * selectivity(Q) But we have three events so we have to extend the formula a little: selectivity (X and Y and Z) = selectivity((X and Y) and Z) = selectivity(X and Y) * selectivity(Z) = selectivity(X) * selectivity(Y) * selectivity(Z) We simply multiply together all three selectivities. In this case, the effective index selectivity is 0.04 * 1 * 0.05 = 0.002 (remember this figure for later). Our predicates will require us to visit 0.2% of the entries in the index. The thing about indexes, though, is that their leaf blocks are packed in sorted order. If we work out that we are going to examine X% of the index rows, then we are going to walk along X% of the leaf blocks to do so. This is why one component of the cost is leaf_blocks * effective index selectivity.
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Pointer: On this tab, you can set the appearance of the mouse pointer. Aside from the pointer s design, you can change its size (although this is not supported on all mouse pointers) by adjusting the Size slider. A larger mouse pointer might help the visually impaired. A small mouse pointer would be appropriate for low-resolution or small screens like those on ultraportable laptops. You will see thumbnail previews of each style. As soon as you click each option, it will be applied automatically to the currently open windows. To preview the effects fully, the best policy is to keep a Nautilus window open (Places Home Folder). When you ve made your choices, you can save the theme for further use. Click Close in the Customize Theme dialog box, and then click the Save As button in the Theme tab of the Appearance Preferences dialog box. You ll need to give the theme a name and, if you wish, a short description for future reference. By putting a check in the Save Background Image box, the theme will also remember the wallpaper that s in use. Once saved, the theme will be available for selection from the Theme tab, where the themes are listed in alphabetical order. If you checked Save Background Image, when you select the theme in the future, the wallpaper will be suggested at the bottom of the Theme tab. To select it, just click the Apply Background button. If you don t save the theme, as soon as you select another one, the changes you made will be lost.
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1 + 2 12 - 5 2 * 3 5 / 2 5 % 2 -(5+2)
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Account ID: The unique username from Active Directory, used to,
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Figure 2 24. Source Document Data page 8. 9. Click Next. Now define the record format. In this example, the record is delimited by a carriage return and a line feed, as shown by the record identifier ORDER2004-1024. Select the By Delimiter Symbol radio button, as shown in Figure 2 25.
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Figure 7-24. Options for the maintenance plan 5. This then brings us to a summary of the options that have been selected. It is now possible to move the options to a different order if you wish. As you can see in Figure 7-25, the Back Up Database (Full) option has been moved up to the start. This is in case any of the following options fail and cause corruption. This is a decision that you have to make as any restore may require a rerun of the commands after the full backup. Once you have the order you want, click Next.
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Figure 7-6. Application that writes DataSet contents as an XML file The application consists of a text box for specifying the path of the output XML file. The first two radio buttons specify whether schema information is to be included. The last radio button specifies whether you wish to write the original as well as current values to the file. If you select this radio button, the DiffGram of the original and current values is written in the file.
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Flashvars : returns an object with name-value pairs separated by ampersands. Object: returns an object parsed as an AS tree. text : returns a regular string. xml : returns a flash.xml.XMLNode instance.
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You need to send and receive documents using the EDI pipelines to ensure that EDI validation takes place and that the envelopes of the documents are created correctly.
Retrospect is a great application and fairly simple to use when backing up to a single tape drive with only a few tapes involved in your sets. There are other products that are designed from the ground up with tape libraries in mind. BRU by the Tolis Group, NetVault by Bakbone, PresStor by Archiware, and Time Navigator by Atempo are the primary applications currently used to provide more industrial-strength backups. They are used primarily to back up Xserve RAIDs and other larger volumes ranging from 2TB to 150TB. A tape library will typically consist of one or more tape drives and a hand (also referred to as a robot) that is used to move tapes within the library, placing them in the tape drives Many libraries will also come outfitted with a bar-code scanner in order to quickly find assets within the library. Many tape libraries come with a dedicated slot that is meant to be used for housing a cleaning tape.
Click the Create Argument link again to create another argument. Enter the Name as TotalAmount, the Direction should be Out, and the ArgumentType should be Decimal. The Decimal type is not in the drop-down list so you need to browse for the type (as you did for the first argument). The Decimal type can be found in the mscorlib assembly in the System namespace.
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In this chapter, you practiced storing and retrieving binary and text data using data types for large objects. There s more to learn about large objects, particularly about issues that affect performance, but you ve now seen the fundamental ADO.NET techniques. In the next chapter we ll look at another special kind of object (which can be as large as the objects we discussed here): the XML document. You ll see how SQL Server supports it with the XML data type.
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