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Once you have acquired the image, you will be ready to begin the analysis of the data. Many forensics professionals will analyze data manually, looking for files throughout the system that they know will contain crucial information. To browse the file system manually, select the Attach Disk Image option in the File menu of MacForensics Lab. Then browse to the acquired image and click on the Open button. You can then browse the disk image as though it were the disk you have mounted, without fear of damaging the originating evidence. You can also use the Browse option located at the bottom of the screen to bring up a filtered list of the files on the system. Clicking this Browse button allows you to select exactly which types of files you want to see. See Figure 19 12.
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} function DisplayPic() { var divPic = document.getElementById("pic"); if(ajaxRequest.readyState == 4) { divPic.innerHTML = "<img alt='not present' src='" + theURL + "' />"; } GetPic(currentPic+1); GetPic(currentPic+2); GetPic(currentPic-1); GetPic(currentPic-2); } function DoPrev() {
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(such as 13,500.42 or 13.500,42), plural forms, and subject-verb-object placement. If your app programmatically generates such text, translating words will not suffice when localizing to a new country. Java ME has traditionally lacked good support for such localization, forcing developers to create their own solutions or build custom versions of their apps for each locale. More recently, JSR 238 with the package has begun to offer a more standard way to treat some of these tasks. However, BlackBerry has included many familiar classes from Java SE and Java EE that provide powerful and fairly simple tools for flexible localization. These classes, which were originally located in java.text or java.util, can all be found in net.rim.device.api.i18n. Some of the most useful are listed below. SimpleDateFormat lets you format and parse an abstract time representation, provided by Calendar, into a natural style for a given locale. Despite the name, it is very flexible, offering strings of varying length (such as 6/10/10 as opposed to June 10th, 2010 ) and structure (such as 15:00 as opposed to 3 o clock PM ). MessageFormat allows you to define flexible string constructions that can be dynamically built with varying data at a later time. For example, a MessageFormat for a particular locale might have the pattern Only {0} more shopping {1} until Guy Fawkes Day! You could then format this pattern with the variables 1 and day , or with 10 and days . In another language, the order of the words would likely change, but the appropriate variables would be inserted into the {0} and {1} fields.
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Figure 2-7. Multiple vocabularies example Using these two vocabularies, you could provide very detailed information about every story (or any other content) that you write. Your site could then easily be organized into sections like International News, Regional News, and Local News, each with the subsections Politics, Business, and Travel. Drupal is also capable of listing the content in different categories or combinations of categories based on the information it receives in the URL. This means you can easily make custom sections that display local news about politics simply by entering the correct URL. Category listings even complex listings built from two or more terms have their own RSS feeds, so visitors to your site can easily subscribe to the various categories or channels with their feed reader, without requiring you to program anything. Finally, there are many Drupal modules that use the category system for a wide variety of tasks, such as creating the structure of forums or image galleries, making site navigation menus, providing access control to content, and changing the theme to style different sections of your site differently. As you can see, the category system adds whole new dimensions to what your site can achieve.
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The previous sinks all add functionality to both the client- and the server-side of a .NET Remoting application. The pluggable sink architecture nevertheless also allows the creation of sinks, which change several aspects of the programming model. In 5, for example, you ve seen that passing custom credentials such as username and password involves manual setting of the channel sink s properties for each object. CustomerManager mgr IDictionary props = props["username"] = props["password"] = = new CustomerManager(); ChannelServices.GetChannelSinkProperties(mgr); "dummyremotinguser"; "12345";
The final piece of the circuit design step will be creating an electronic representation of your accessory in some sort of tool. The de facto standard EDA (electronic design automation) tool is the Cadence/OrCad suite. Not a single product, but a set of individual tools loosely coupled together, the Cadence suite is the most widely used product for circuit and PCB design. Should you wind up hiring someone to convert your design, there s a high probability he ll be using the Cadence suite. If you want to try and do it yourself, start with one of the low-cost, quick-turn (quick turnaround time) houses such as ExpressPCB. I found ExpressPCB after researching various electronics and robotics hobbyist sites. Companies like ExpressPCB usually offer a free tool that you can download and use to create your schematic design. The process of going from an idea or hand drawn circuit is known as schematic capture. You re capturing your design from paper (or thought) into an electronic format. You perform schematic capture graphically by picking your parts and then connecting the lines, as shown in Figure 10 11. Depending on the capability of the tool you use, you may have to create parts to put in your design library. This means that you ll use the part specification to create a block and all the necessary pin connections to represent your part. Common parts, such as the PIC series of microcontrollers, may already be in the library for you to click and drag your part to the drawing area. As with anything, the more it costs, the more it will probably do for you.
After setting up the disk arbitration status, you will be taken to the main screen. From here, you can select a drive and see the statistics for the volume (see Figure 19 9). This information will be stored in the database and tagged accordingly. Each section of the screen shows a different aspect of the analysis process (again, see Figure 19 9). Devices are displayed on the Device screen. A device can have multiple volumes, or at times no volume. The file screen shows critical information on the volume that is selected on the Device screen. The toolbar along the bottom of the screen lists many of the actions you can perform, given the status of the drive. These options include the following: Acquire: Creates a forensic image of the system. Search: Searches a volume for a narrow selection of data. Analyze: Analyzes files in their raw format, sector-by-sector or byte-by-byte. Salvage: Retrieves deleted files. Browse: Browses a file system. Audit: Performs an automated review of assets.
The user s session has been inactive since the time in milliseconds since 1970 returned by the getLastAccessedTime() method. This is the time that the user s request was last received by the portal.
In recent years, interest in so-called world phones has increased. These phones tackle the challenges met by people who travel overseas and find that they are no longer able to make calls. As a solution, these BlackBerry devices actually contain multiple radios: one that operates along the GSM networks, and another that uses CDMA. Each radio will have the characteristics that you would expect from a phone that only supported that radio. In the United States, BlackBerry world phones are sometimes locked so they will only connect to CDMA networks in the United States and to GSM elsewhere.
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