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Figure 9-15. Embedding the logo image in the report
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CHAPTER 9: Encrypting Files and Volumes
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As shown in the left TreeView, the options are broken down into categories. Each category provides its own subset of options. We will examine each of the main categories now.
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6. When the Installation Complete window appears (see Figure 18-6), click Close. LINQ is now installed, and you ll find a lot of useful things in C:\Program Files\ LINQ Preview. (We recommend you look at ReadMe for VB.htm.)
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<mx:ProgressBar id="progressBar" y="45" x="15" width="390" height="1" minimum="0" maximum="100" labelWidth="0" direction="right" mode="manual" />
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from numerous media outlets, including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Now in version 3.6, Firefox has become more widely used than almost any other browser on the market, in large part because of the security features built into it (and because it isn t a hacker-targeted Microsoft product). For example, Figure 7 4 displays the rather powerful encryption features found in Firefox features you re hard-pressed to find as easily configurable in other web browsers.
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CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
Figure 5-19. Delegating calendar access
Fingerprinting is the practice of gathering as much information as possible about your systems or network and using that information to positively identify the hardware and software in use. The goal is to get as much information as possible about a network or host s security, including its remote access capabilities, vulnerable services, and open ports. Successfully attacking a system depends on having this information. Tools that can be used in fingerprinting include general-purpose tools such as host, dig and traceroute, and specialized tools like nmap and Ethereal.
Check your blog site now to determine that all is well. Sometimes, a faulty theme can display a blank page at this stage. If so, swap out the theme to the Default theme (see 16) to see if that solves the problem. If that fails to resolve the situation, you may need to resort to reapplying a new set of WordPress files, but that is a rare event.
To remove a piece of software, search for it by name, click the check box alongside it, and then select Mark for Removal. This will remove the software but leave behind any configuration files it created. This means you can install it again in the future, and it will function as it did before removal. However, you can also select Mark for Complete Removal, which will remove the configuration files. As with installing software, the Synaptic Package Manager will attempt to manage dependencies when you remove software, but in this case, it will enforce the removal of any software that explicitly relies on that software. Often, the solution is simply not to remove the software package. After all, modern hard disks have huge capacities, and it s unlikely the package will take up much room.
Running the Application
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