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spaces or text within them cannot be added to the formula.
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Alternately, an app may choose to iterate through all available actions and expose them all. The next example demonstrates how you could create a set of BlackBerry menu items for all available actions. Each will display a locale-appropriate name in the menu, but use the correct action when selected.
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2. It s easiest to initiate pairing on the device you want to connect to the PC, which
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DSLDAPv3PlugInConfig.plist: can be used to read, edit, and add
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Figure 2-4. Using BindingUtils class and un-binding using a button The TextInput text property is binding to the Label text property and once you enter text in the TextInput, the data will be copied to the text property in the Label component. When you are ready to unbind, simply press the Stop binding button, which will unwatch the properties and set the object to null so it will be picked up by the garbage collection.
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Effective moderation is the key to every successful community. Moderation must be firm but fair, and it should always be professional. Here, I will show you the tools you can use to moderate posts on your site. I will leave it to you, the community administrator, to develop a policy on moderation that you feel is fair to your members.
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<html> <h1>Hello, Windows Phone 7</h1> </html> 8. Save the HTML file you created to the physical path for the web site that you specified in Step 2 (referenced in Figure 19 2) and name the file index.html. For example, if you kept your Physical Path setting as C:\WP7Server\ in Step 2, then you will save the HTML file as C:\WP7Server\index.html.
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Now that you know many of the existing targets, how can you change how these steps are executed Well, keep in mind that the C# targets, properties, and tasks can be overridden with custom versions. The version defined last will be chosen (more on this later in this section). One method of changing these existing targets is to completely override the entire target. This will likely not be the mechanism you ll want to use. A better alternative is to create a target you d like to have performed. Then inject that target in the DependsOnTargets list at the location at which you d like it to be executed. To clarify this, you will learn how to change the way your projects are built. To change how your project is built, you have a few options. You can create targets BeforeBuild and AfterBuild, and those will be executed at the appropriate time. You could define PreBuildEvent or PostBuildEvent. These options provide a simple and convenient means for customizing the build process, but what if you need more control Previously we mentioned that you can redefine the build target, but this is not a good idea. We ll show how a build is performed, and then we will show a better method. From the Microsoft.Common.targets file, the Build target, and its required property, is defined as follows: <PropertyGroup> <BuildDependsOn> BeforeBuild; CoreBuild;
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What Is SQL
Boxed value types Global functions Native code Templates Pointer types Exceptions that don t inherit from System::Exception Interfaces with static members Properties with accessors that have different modifiers, for example, one virtual accessor and one nonvirtual)
One of the great advantages of F# async programming is that it can be used for both CPU and I/O parallel programming tasks. For example, you can use it for many CPU parallelism tasks that don t perform any I/O but rather carry out straight CPU-bound computations. For optimized, partitioned CPU parallelism, this is often done by using Async.Parallel with a number of tasks that exactly matches the number of physical processors on a machine. For example, the following code shows parallel initialization of an array where each cell is filled by running the input function. The implementation of this function makes careful use of shared memory primitives (a topic discussed later in this book) and is highly efficient: open System.Threading open System // Initialize an array by a parallel init using all available processors // Note, this primitive doesn't support cancellation. let parallelArrayInit n f = let currentLine = ref -1 let res = Array.zeroCreate n let rec loop () = let y = Interlocked.Increment(¤tLine.contents) if y < n then res.[y] <- f y; loop() // Start just the right number of tasks, one for each physical CPU Async.Parallel [ for i in 1 .. Environment.ProcessorCount -> async { do loop()} ] |> Async.Ignore |> Async.RunSynchronously res > let rec fib x = if x < 2 then 1 else fib (x - 1) + fib (x - 2) > parallelArrayInit 25 (fun x -> fib x);; val it : int [] = [|1; 1; 2; 3; 5; 8; 13; 21; 34; 55; 89; 144; 233; 377; 610; 987; 1597; 2584; 4181; 6765; 10946; 17711; 28657; 46368; 75025; 121393; 196418; 317811; 514229; 832040|]
private var videoURL:String = ""; private var connection:NetConnection; private var netStream:NetStream;
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