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Understanding the Team Project Fundamentals
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Portlet URLs
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> open System;; > let o = Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetTypeFromProgID("Word.Application"));; val o : obj > let t = o.GetType();; val t : Type = System.__ComObject > t.GetProperty("Visible").SetValue(o, (true :> Object), null);; val it : unit = () > let m = t.GetMethod("Quit");; val m : Reflection.MethodInfo > m.GetParameters().Length;; val it : int = 3 > m.GetParameters();; val it : ParameterInfo [] = [|System.Object& SaveChanges {Attributes = In, Optional, HasFieldMarshal; DefaultValue = System.Reflection.Missing; IsIn = true; IsLcid = false; IsOptional = true; IsOut = false; IsRetval = false; Member = Void Quit(System.Object ByRef, System.Object ByRef, System.Object ByRef); MetadataToken = 134223449; Name = "SaveChanges"; ParameterType = System.Object&; Position = 0; RawDefaultValue = System.Reflection.Missing;}; ... more ... |] > m.Invoke(o, [| null; null; null |]);; val it : obj = null Because F# imposes type inference, you can t use the simple syntax provided by an interpreter. The compiler should know in advance the number and type of arguments of a method and the methods exposed by an object. Remember that even though fsi.exe allows you to interactively execute F# statements, it s still subject to the constraints of a compiled language. Because you re creating an instance of a COM component dynamically in this example, the compiler doesn t know anything about this component. Thus, it can be typed as System.Object. To obtain the same behavior as an interpreted language, you must resort to .NET runtime s reflection support. Using the GetType method, you can obtain an object describing the type of the object o. Then, you can obtain a PropertyInfo object describing the Visible property, and you can invoke the SetValue method on it to show the Word main window. The SetValue method is generic; therefore, you have to cast the Boolean value to System.Object to comply with the method signature. In a similar way, you can obtain an instance of the MethodInfo class describing the Quit method. Because a method has a signature, you ask for the parameters; there are three of them, and they re optional. You can invoke the Quit method by calling the Invoke method and passing the object target of the invocation and an array of arguments that you set to null because arguments are optional.
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private static final String[] DDL = new String[] { "drop schema public cascade", "create table Period (id bigint generated by default as identity"+ " (start with 1), endTime timestamp, note varchar(255), rate numeric,"+ " startTime timestamp, rateType_id varchar(255), primary key (id))", "create table RateType (id varchar(255) not null, primary key (id))", "create table Timesheet (id bigint generated by default as identity"+ " (start with 1), created timestamp, note varchar(255), startDate"+ " timestamp, useraccount bigint not null, primary key (id))", "create table Timesheet_Period (Timesheet_id bigint not null,"+ " periods_id bigint not null, unique (periods_id))",
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Figure 8-18. It just works. You can t ask for much else.
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Under the Performance tab you can customize certain features to enhance the performance of the Xserve RAID (see Figure 4-9) in an Xsan environment. You can: Enable Controller Write Cache (recommended for performance only if a UPS provides power protection to the unit) Enable Host Cache Flushing (recommended to have disabled for best performance) Enable or disable the drive write cache (recommended for performance only if a UPS provides power protection to the unit) Set read prefetch to 1, 8 or 128 stripes for each controller
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httpChannel.HttpNotificationReceived += new EventHandler<HttpNotificationEventArgs>(httpChannel_HttpNotificationReceived); 6. Here s the complete implementation of the SetupChannel function. Add the code to your project: private void SetupChannel() { HttpNotificationChannel httpChannel = null; string channelName = "DemoChannel"; try { //if channel exists, retrieve existing channel httpChannel = HttpNotificationChannel.Find(channelName); if (httpChannel != null) { //If you can't get it, then close and reopen it. if (httpChannel.ChannelUri == null) { httpChannel.UnbindToShellToast(); httpChannel.Close(); SetupChannel(); return; } else { ChannelUri = httpChannel.ChannelUri; //wiring up the raw notifications event handler httpChannel.HttpNotificationReceived += new EventHandler<HttpNotificationEventArgs>(httpChannel_HttpNotificationReceived); } } else { httpChannel = new HttpNotificationChannel(channelName); httpChannel.ChannelUriUpdated += new EventHandler<NotificationChannelUriEventArgs>(httpChannel_ChannelUriUpdated); httpChannel.ErrorOccurred += new EventHandler<NotificationChannelErrorEventArgs>(httpChannel_ExceptionOccurred); //wiring up the raw notifications event handler httpChannel.HttpNotificationReceived += new EventHandler<HttpNotificationEventArgs>(httpChannel_HttpNotificationReceived); httpChannel.Open(); } } catch (Exception ex) { } }
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setsocksfirewallproxy: Sets up the socks firewall. setproxybypassdomains: Defines the domains that the proxy will not
CHAPTER 16: Server Security
the Test button to check if the desired settings are compatible with your hardware.
RealName "Corporate Administrator" UniqueID 1100 PrimaryGroupID 20 NFSHomeDirectory /Users/corpadmin UserShell /bin/bash 'MYSECRETPASSWORD'
Note You will learn more about XML serialization in 8.
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