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Note If you perform automated deployment, make sure to use the BTSTask tool instead of the deprecated
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A web browser is a tool used to view data that is hosted on a web server. The two most popular browsers in use on the Mac are Safari and Firefox. They are similar in security configurations; however, Firefox has more granular security controls. When it comes to web browser security, privacy protection is the name of the game. We want to keep prying eyes away from your online purchase information, away from your passwords for web merchants, and away from the history of web sites you have visited. When securing a web browser, much of the security falls into two categories. The first is protecting your computer from the browser and any executables (such as cached scripts) that can run on the client; the second is securing the transport of data over the wire.
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Creating a Windows Forms Project
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The ExecuteInsertImages method accepts an integer to use as a suffix for the image filename, calls LoadImageFile to get a byte array containing the image, assigns the filename and image to their corresponding command parameters, and then executes the command to insert the image:
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As you can see in Figure 4-7, the RunAllTests target was skipped. Also notice the time spent during the build. This last execution took 24 milliseconds whereas the previous execution took 2.4 seconds. This is because the RunAllTests targets, and possibly others, were skipped. If you are writing custom target, providing inputs and outputs to support incremental building is essential for builds that execute efficiently and quickly. Now we will move on to discuss how to clean your projects.
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As you can see, the entire DataSet is serialized as XML data.
This is an important section, as it explains how we are going to create the datasets for the rest of our reporting examples in this book. As you know, we are using different clients to report on, but no matter what the client, the process to add a dataset remains the same. For example, if you are creating a Windows Forms client or a Web Service client, you follow the same steps to add a dataset. Let s make use of Windows Forms to create our example dataset. Before we go into creating an actual dataset, let s get our Windows Forms client ready. If you are new to the Visual Studio IDE, I d advise you to go through this book s Appendix for a quick introduction. Please open Visual Studio, and use the following steps, illustrated in Figure 3-5, to create a Windows application project: 1. Click File New Project, or press the hot keys Ctrl+Shift+N. 2. In the Project types pane of the New Project dialog box, select Visual C# Windows. 3. In the Templates pane, select Windows Application. 4. Please give the application a name; I ve called the project TypedDataset. You may choose a different location for storing the application files according to your preference. 5. Click the OK button to finish the process. After you click OK, Visual Studio will create a new Windows application project. You ll also notice that a new form with the name Form1 is part of the project.
5. Once the file transfer is complete, click the Close button.
Figure 2-7. The Solution Explorer The Solution Explorer does provide some shortcuts to some of the options we discussed earlier in the section on the Website menu. Place your cursor on one of the Website nodes in the Solution Explorer and right-click. You will be provided with a context menu that encapsulates all the functionality we saw on the Website menu, plus one more option called Property Pages. If you select this option you will see a dialog that allows you to configure aspects of the Website project s properties. There are additional options available depending on the type of item you right-click in the Solution Explorer. For instance, if you right-click Default.aspx, you are again presented with a context menu. This time, the menu contains all of the standard file operations such as Copy and Delete. However, you also have options to view this file in different ways. This is because the IDE is smart enough to know that you have selected a web page. As a result, it provides you the options to view the file at design time in various modes such as Design View or Code View; it also gives you the ability to view in the browser, in which case the page will be launched in your default browser or you can specify a different browser by selecting the Browse With option. There is also a toolbar across the top of the Solution Explorer window that provides shortcut buttons to some of the operations we have discussed and is context sensitive to what you select in the TreeView. Now that you are familiar with the Solution Explorer, we can look at the next very important docking window, the Toolbox.
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