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As you can see, the button resized and fit itself according to the dimensions of the window. This approach provides a number of distinct advantages over the previous form/control methodologies for defining and running UIs: It allows for the separation of UI definition and application logic. Designers can use tools such as Expression Blend (which you will see later in this chapter) to define the UI look and feel, as well as how interactions take place within the UI. Design output is expressed in XAML, which is then taken up by developers to implement the application logic. Prior to XAML, there was a huge impedance mismatch between
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After applying these, the last remaining FxCop warning tells you that namespaces with two to three types aren t recommended. The last two previous points aren t essential, but, as mentioned, delegate types and sequence types tend to be easier for C# programmers to use than F# function and list types (F# function types aren t compiled to .NET delegate types, partly for performance reasons). Note that you can use FxCop exemptions to opt out of any of the FxCop rules, either by adding an exemption entry to FxCop itself or by attaching attributes to your source code.
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Figure 15-4. Layout of an ASP .NET web site
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Let s start by entering a few rules and then I ll explain how the PolicyActivity uses them. For each Rule, you ll need to give it a Name (which is just used for display purposes), a Condition, and Then and Else actions (Else actions are optional). Click the Add Rule link. Enter the Name as Operator Eval, the Priority as 6, and the Condition as this.OperatorData.UnderEvaluation. Enter the following code for the Then action: this.Review = True Halt This Rule states that if the operator is being evaluated, the activity should be reviewed. The Halt command indicates that no further rules need to be checked. Now define a Rule that says if the transaction is less than the minimum amount, no review is necessary. Click the Add Rule link. Enter the Name as Minimum Amount, the Priority as 5, and the Condition as the following: this.TransactionData.Amount < this.ActivityData.MinimumAmount
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A portlet may use a portlet request dispatcher to include the output of either a servlet or a JSP page. This example shows how to load a JSP page called homePage.jsp from the WEB-INF/jsp directory of your portlet application:
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Publishing to a web site by using a web browser has its limitations. Despite the progress that has been made in developing WYSIWYG editors such as TinyMCE, it is still not as comfortable to type and format large portions of text as it is using a word processing program such as OpenOffice. Furthermore, it is impossible to use a browser to compose to a web site when not connected to the Internet, so working on your blogs offline isn t an option. Finally, if you maintain blogs on many different web sites, the interface may be different for each one, making the whole process take much more time and effort than necessary. The BlogAPI module, in conjunction with desktop blogging tools such as ecto, w.bloggar, or iBlog, addresses these weaknesses and opens up the possibility of editing your blog posts offline using comfortable text editing programs.
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Creating an external account is facilitated by the createmobileaccount command. So rather than letting the operating system decide whether it wants to invoke the createmobileaccount dialog at the loginwindow, we re going to force the issue by manually running the command, which is located in /System/Library/Coreservices/ directory. Note that this is not in your default PATH, meaning you must always type the full path to the command or modify your shell preferences. The -n, -p and h flags define the username, password and home directory of the account. So assuming your USB drive is called JUMPDRIVE, the following would create an external account on the USB drive:
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How It Works
The steps we ve just outlined are very common when creating standard monolithic images. But there are a number of opinions about what constitutes a bare-metal image. Some consider it a base install of Mac OS X. Others consider it to be the actual Mac OS X installation media. Basically though, for a solution that s more package-based than monolithic, the base image should have as little as possible in it----the more configuration that post-imaging packages and scripts handle, the more granular you can be with your imaging. The difference between the two ways of creating a bare-metal image is this: When using the OS installation disk as your bare-metal image, once you ve installed the base Mac OS X disk image, you customize every single action as a task (including the operating system installation) at image-delivery time. As a result, you won t need to sanitize the system. When you use an installed system, you set up a base OS install, do nothing else to the system, and then create the image, so you need to sanitize out the unique information. When should you employ one method of making a bare-metal image over the other Create the image with the installation media when you re worried about having to sanitize, or when you re concerned about incompatible hardware variations in machines you re deploying, so you d rather just image a disk than install a new OS every time you need a new base image. This mostly becomes an issue because new machines shipped by Apple often require a disk with an OS version at or above the one that comes on the installation disk. While Mac OS X tends to be fairly inclusive of all hardware drivers in retrospect for modern systems, the developers can t plan for all future systems as well. That being said, there are circumstances when certain options are best configured in the base image. For instance, if you want all of your client machines to connect to a nonenterprise but internal company WPA Wi-Fi network, but don t want to disclose the preshared key, then it s best to configure this option into the base image. The circumstances in which you ll need a modified base image are rare, but will occasionally occur.
If you are implementing an SSL certificate, check the Encrypt Using SSL box here. This is easiest if you first copy the self-signed certificate to the local client or user s keychain before binding the local client. We will explain setting up SSL certificates later in this chapter. Once you have added the server, you will want to apply the same security settings that you applied when securing the Open Directory master under the binding policies. To do this, click the Services icon in the Directory Utility toolbar, and click the Open Directory Master server (named ODM in Figure 16 12). Once you click the appropriate server, click Edit to change the client settings.
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