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EncodedImage image = EncodedImage.getEncodedImageResource("silhouette.png"); byte[] data = image.getData(); contact.addBinary(Contact.PHOTO, PIMItem.ATTR_NONE, data, 0, data.length);
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s Note If you are starting the IDE for the first time, select Visual C# Development Settings when you re
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To configure settings that apply to all of your site s content, select administer settings posts (admin/settings/node). This page has the following settings:
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How It Works
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Developers are sometimes hazy about the distinctions between static and strong typing, probably because the specific terminology is unimportant unless you are frequently migrating between languages using other approaches to typing. A strongly typed language such as Java does not allow operations to be performed at runtime on variables of the wrong type. For example, Java does not allow an Integer reference to be assigned to a String variable. A weakly typed language would perform an implicit type conversion, allowing the assignment. A statically typed language such as Java determines all (or as many as possible) type incompatibilities at runtime and will not compile until these are eliminated. A dynamically typed language does not perform any type checking until runtime. There are a few other minor disadvantages to Spring as a specific framework for dependency injection. The XML-based configuration files typically used can become confusing if they are not thoughtfully maintained. Expressing relationships between Java components in XML sometimes feels inelegant. The extensive use of reflection to inject dependencies can make debugging more complex. These issues are specific to Spring s implementation, not to DI itself, but the use of Spring as an implementation more than compensates for these.
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Note To save you some time, you can download a partial implementation of this solution from this book s page on the http://www.apress.com web site. Download the 17_Partial.zip file, unzip it, and open the 17.sln file. Then follow along with the first part of this chapter. I ll tell you where you ll need to add the remaining portions of this project.
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project reference to Backend, which carries along its dependencies on the Dao project and the library references required to run F# LINQ queries. Finally, the web.config file must also include a configuration of the F# CodeDOM provider, which is referenced from the global assembly cache (GAC).
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HR.JPG, which is also pro-
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CHAPTER 7: Adding the Game Controller
application:didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError: application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: application:didReceiveRemoteNotification: application:didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken: application:handleOpenURL: application:willChangeStatusBarFrame: application:willChangeStatusBarOrientation:duration: applicationDidBecomeActive: applicationDidFinishLaunching: applicationDidReceiveMemoryWarning: applicationSignificantTimeChange: applicationWillResignActive: applicationWillTerminate: Initially, you might think that both lists should be the same. After all, if the UIApplication object (the singleton) is posting notifications, then you might expect that they get posted to the delegate, the object that handles them for the application object. But looking at the first list you see ten notifications and in the delegate list there are 15 delegate methods. What s going on Let s start by breaking it all down into categories. Each delegate method belongs to one of the following six categories: Controlling Application Behavior Opening a URL Resource Managing Status Bar Orientation Responding to a Change in Active Status Controlling Application Appearance Handling Remote Notifications Assigning the 15 delegate methods to the above six categories provides the following: Controlling Application Behavior applicationDidFinishLaunching: application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: applicationWillTerminate: applicationDidReceiveMemoryWarning: applicationSignificantTimeChange:
Jonathan was a MUMPS programmer at a major chemical company, supporting industrial hygiene and medical systems written in MUMPS and running under DEC VAX/VMS. One day he was told that the decision had been made to rewrite the systems using a relational database for the back-end storage. The company was planning to standardize on Rdb, so Jonathan typed HELP RDB into his VMS command line. He devoured the online help. He devoured the manuals. He created databases to experiment with. He became enamored of the power of SQL, and quickly became the go-to person in is department for database questions. He wanted to become a DBA. He failed to become a DBA as a MUMPS programmer. He got laid off instead.
grep stands for Global Regular Expression Print. grep is an extremely powerful tool that can use pattern-based searching techniques to find text in files. Pattern-based searching means that grep offers various options to loosen the search so that more results are returned. The simplest way of using grep is to specify some brief text, followed by the name of the file you want to search. Here s an example:
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