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The PIM API was first deployed as part of JSR 75, the same standard that brought us the FileConnection API. It has proven extremely successful, and is now present on the vast majority of Java ME phones as well as all BlackBerry devices with software version
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PO ID Order Date Sub Total Tax Amt Total Due Shipment Method =Fields!PurchaseOrderID.Value =Fields!OrderDate.Value =Fields!SubTotal.Value =Fields!TaxAmt.Value =Fields!TotalDue.Value =Fields!ShipMethodName.Value =SUM(Fields!SubTotal.Value) dsVendorPO_dtPOList True (To display columns headers on every page) ="Vendor Name: " & Parameters!parVendorName. Value
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Figure 2-7. Summary page 10. Moving to the menu bar of SSMS, the first item of interest is the View menu option. The first three options on the View menu, shown in Figure 2-8, bring up the two explorer windows, Object Explorer and Registered Servers Explorer, and the summary page we encountered previously. Therefore, if you ever need to close these items to give yourself more screen space, you can reopen them from the menu or with the shortcut keys you see defined. The other options on the View menu are as follows: Template Explorer: Provides access to code templates. In the examples in this book, we will be building objects using T-SQL. Rather than starting from scratch, we can use code templates that contain the basic code to create these objects. Solution Explorer: Displays solutions, which are convenient groupings of objects, T-SQL, or special programs called stored procedures, among other items. Properties Window: Displays the set of properties for each object. Bookmark Window: Allows you to create bookmarks, which you place into various locations in your code to allow you to jump quickly to those locations. Toolbox: Holds a list of objects that are database maintenance tasks, and where these tasks can be altered. Web Browser: Brings up a web browser within SQL Server, ideal for searching the web for answers to SQL Server problems for which you may require information. Other Windows: Allows you to access other windows generated when running T-SQL from Query Editor, which may hold error messages or results from queries. Toolbars: Brings up toolbars for Query Editor, diagramming the database, and integration with Visual SourceSafe for source control all, if they are not opened by default. Full Screen: Removes title bars and explorer windows, and then maximizes SSMS to show as much of the main pages as possible.
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If a table has a foreign key, then the table is known as a foreign table, and the use of this term is most common when discussing relationships between tables.
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Active Directory Packet Encryption Options
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In this chapter, you looked at C++/CLI reference and value classes (and structs) and how they differ from native classes. You looked at class initialization and literal and initonly members. You saw how to implement an example of a complete class the Scrabble game. You also learned how to use the this pointer in reference and value types and the way to control access to types in an assembly. You saw how to hold a pointer to a native type in a managed class, and vice versa, and finally, you learned about object cleanup, including destructors and finalizers. In the next chapter, you ll look closely at members of .NET classes, in particular, properties, operators, and events.
The complete implementation of Program.cs is included in Listing 2-2. Listing 2-2. Complete Solution Implementation (Program.cs) using using using using System; System.Activities; System.Activities.Statements; System.Activities.Expressions;
Note: ContentHandlerServer extends from ContentHandler, so all ContentHandler methods can be called on it as well. This helps a server app introspect itself to check what capabilities it had declared.
You need to call addListeners to set the listeners you will be using. Take a look at this method to see the events you will be listening to.
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The next thing to do is to create a client that allows you to access this service. You ll see how to do this in the next section.
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