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var georss:Namespace = new Namespace("http://www.georss.org/georss");
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A restrictive policy can also prevent certain types of viruses and worms from spreading. The downside of a restrictive policy is that you must configure Firestarter to take into account every type of outgoing data connection that you do want to allow through, such as those for web browsers, instant messaging programs, and so on. You can configure Firestarter by clicking the Policy tab in the main program window. Click the Editing drop-down list, and choose to configure either the inbound traffic policy or the outbound traffic policy.
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Figure 4-8. Clean automagically removing NUnit-generated files
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cd "/Applications/Carbon Copy Cloner.app" cd "Contents/MacOS/ccc_helper.app/Contents/MacOS/" ./rsync -e "ssh -i /var/root/.ssh/ccc_dsa" -a --rsync-path=/private/var/root/rsync /tmp/my-evil-rsync-wrapper.sh root@mybackupserver.myco.com:/var/root/.ssh/rsyncwrapper.sh
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By following the steps outlined in this chapter, you should now have Ubuntu installed on your computer. We ve tried to provide you with enough information to get around any problems, as well as explain exactly what s happening every step of the way. Alas, it s still possible that you encountered hurdles that weren t addressed here. In the next chapter, you ll find solutions to common problems associated with Ubuntu installation.
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identity column
1. Select File Export Release Build Export To File text input already includes the air file
Figure 5-5. Selecting the team project for source control 4. Now you have to commit your changes. Do this by right-clicking the Codus solution in Solution Explorer and selecting Check In. This presents you with the dialog box shown in Figure 5-6. Select Adapdev.
A call is made and an asynchronous token is returned. Every response dispatches events, indicating either success or failure. Event listeners are registered with the object that is capable of receiving the response. Sometimes the implementation of a marker interface makes a class eligible to receive responses. When a response arrives, events are dispatched. The response comes back with the asynchronous token. Call and response are correlated using this token. The appropriate handler gets the response. On receipt, it processes the response.
Figure 4 11. Assembled logic board for the game controller
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