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Let s look at Figure 8 1 to review what goes on when you turn the knob and send a new position to the game.
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Messages in the queue can be flushed (re-sent) either by specifying the f flag to flush all queued mail, or by specifying the i flag and a queueid to resubmit just a single email:
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Figure 1-6. BlackBerry GCF connections
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Note Notice the difference between the ReadToDescendant() and ReadToFollowing() methods.
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Figure 12-8. Selecting the StackPanel in the Objects and Timeline panel With the StackPanel selected, double-click the Button control three times. The three Button controls will appear within the StackPanel, as shown in Figure 12-9.
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Figure 3 37. Adding a new Azure service to the project When the next page loads, you will be given an option to choose either Storage Account or Hosted Services. Choose Hosted Services. See Figure 3 38 for the options you will see displayed.
control-of-flow language
Tip To reduce the number of keys to sign, you can trust the keys signed by the key that you trust. Click
Once you have determined the size of your main and swap partitions, total their sizes. This is how much free space you need to allocate for Ubuntu.
In 4, you ll see some exercise to practice and apply the basic report development knowledge you just learned. I m preparing you for more challenging reports in 5 onward by offering you these exercises. Although solutions are provided, I m sure there will be no peeking! First, try it out yourself.
// sort and find items var firstEmployeeName:String = xml.employee[0].name; var ageFilter:XMLList = xml.employee.(age >= 19 || age == 18); var firstEmployee:XML = xml.employee[0]; var findName:XMLList = xml.employee.(name=="John Do"); var employeeFilter:XMLList = xml.employee.(phone == '212-333-3333'); // iterate through the collection for each (var item:XML in xml.employee) { trace(; }
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