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Generate QR Code in Objective-C 3: EA Framework Design Patterns

There are a few more changes that you ll need to make before the application is ready.
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Listing 7-13. The First Client s Implementation, Which Won t Work using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; General; RemotingTools; // RemotingHelper
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The 8.04 (Hardy Heron) releases of Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu, which provide alternate desktop environments should Ubuntu s default desktop environment, GNOME, not suit your taste. For more details on these versions of Ubuntu, see Appendix D. A version of Ubuntu for PowerPC-based computer users, such as those with an older G3-, G4-, or G5-based Macintosh computer. You should bear in mind that this version of Ubuntu is community-supported. This means there isn t a 100% guarantee of updates or security fixes in the future, as with the officially supported releases. This is discussed in more detail in Appendix D. If you want to use any of these installers on Side B of the DVD, you will first need to burn it onto a CD. This procedure is discussed in Appendix D. However, most readers will want to install the full version of Ubuntu. So to start things rolling, insert Side A of the DVD-ROM drive and boot your computer. You might have to set your BIOS to boot from DVD, as explained in stage 2 of the installation guide in this chapter. If you ve ever installed Windows from scratch on a computer, you might be used to working with the Windows installation program. This appears when you boot from a Windows CD or DVD or run the setup.exe program from the desktop, and it guides you through installing Windows onto your hard disk. Ubuntu is a little different. Once you ve booted from the DVD-ROM, a menu will appear. You can choose the Install Ubuntu option, and the DVD will continue booting to a graphical installer. Alternatively, you can choose the Try Ubuntu Without Any Change to Your Computer option. This allows you to run Ubuntu from the DVD-ROM, effectively trying it out without making any changes to your computer. Using Ubuntu without installing it to the hard disk is known as running in live distro mode. Although this is a great way to take a sneak peak at what Ubuntu offers, there are a handful of practical drawbacks, as discussed in the sidebar titled Running in Live Distro Mode. To install Ubuntu on your computer, simply select the Install Ubuntu option from the boot menu. This will run the dedicated installation program, which will work through a few stages to get Linux on your computer s hard disk. During the installation stages, you ll be asked a handful of essential questions. You ll then be prompted to repartition your hard disk in order to create space for Ubuntu. After this, Ubuntu is installed onto your hard disk. At the end of the procedure, your PC will boot straight into the Ubuntu login screen, and you re set to go. There s no need to mess around configuring hardware, because that s done automatically. Neat, eh
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Figure 11-11. Using COUNT() 3. We could of course add a filter such as the following, which counts the number of shares where the price is greater than 10 dollars: SELECT COUNT(*) AS 'Number of Rows' FROM ShareDetails.Shares WHERE CurrentPrice > 10 4. Execute the code, and you will now see a count of 2, as appears in Figure 11-12, as expected.
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There is a simple solution to this problem. PHP has a special ability to test whether a function exists. This means you can test to see if the plug-in function exists before trying to call it. If it doesn t exist, you don t call it. There will be no error, and if you write your template code carefully, there won t even be a header with nothing below it. Listing 16-13 shows the new version of the code.
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Typically, there have been two paradigms for where the code is placed. The code-behind model is one that was used by previous versions of ASP.NET and is still supported. In this model, all the code supporting a web page was in a code file that sits behind the .aspx file. This
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12: Migrating Web 1.0 Interfaces to RIA . ................................................. 405
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Setting up Open Directory Using Server Admin
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The alternative to using find is to use the locate command. This is far quicker than find, because it relies on a central database of files, which is periodically updated. In other words, it doesn t literally search the file system each time. The problem is that if you ve saved a file recently and are hoping to find it, there s a chance that it won t yet appear in locate s database, so it won t turn up in the list of results. Using locate is easy. You can use the following command to search for a file (you don t need to precede the command with sudo):
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