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Integrated QR in Objective-C 1: Accessory Overview

When an exception of type System.InvalidOperationException is thrown, this Catch clause executes, displaying the source, message, and stack trace for the exception. Without this specific Catch clause, the generic Catch clause will handle the exception. (Try commenting out this Catch clause and reexecuting the code to see which Catch clause handles the exception.) Next, you run the program for a nonexistent stored procedure: 'Specify that a stored procedure is to be executed cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure cmd.CommandText = "sp_Select_No_Employees" You catch your (first) database exception with Catch ex As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException leading into the next topic: handling exceptions thrown by the database manager.
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Using Partially Implemented Types via Implementation Inheritance
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1. In this example, we define a char() variable of 10 characters in length and then set the value explicitly to NULL. The example will also work without the second line of code, which is simply there for clarity. The third line will test the variable, and as it is NULL, it will change it to a date. Note though that a date is more than 10 characters, so the value will be truncated. DECLARE @IsNull char(10) SET @IsNull = NULL SELECT ISNULL(@IsNull,GETDATE())
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uuid.bios = uuid.location = ethernet0.addressType = ethernet0.generatedAddress = ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset =
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As the name suggests, the OLEDB data provider is used to communicate with any OLEDBcompliant databases such as SQL Server and Oracle. The OLEDB data provider is actually a wrapper over the corresponding OLEDB service provider and thus introduces a small performance overhead. If your database is OLEDB compliant but does not have its own ADO.NET data provider, this is the data provider for you.
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There s another reason why the shell is used to run programs: you can specify how a particular program runs before starting it. For example, to launch the Totem Movie Player in full-screen mode playing the myvideofile.mpg file, you could type this:
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As we selected Reporting Services to be installed, we need to create a database for the reporting server to use. Depending on your requirements and how heavily used your SQL Server installation is, you may wish your reports to be run out of a separate and purpose-built SQL Server installation. For the moment, we will install Reporting Services on the same SQL Server (see Figure 1-11).
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In connected data access, you establish a connection with the database. Then, as long as you are working with the data, you maintain this live connection. The following are the steps that you typically take when using connected data access: 1. Establish a connection with the database. 2. Fetch a set of records in a cursor. 3. Work with the fetched data (perform read, modify, and delete operations or even calculations). 4. Update the database, if there are any changes. 5. Close the database connection.
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BlackBerry offers an almost absurd number of menus that can be modified. Table 8-4 shows everything that is supported, along with the object that is provided as a context when the item executes. All names are defined in the ApplicationMenuItemRepository class.
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This is one of the lines of code where you send the command to the accessory controller to illuminate one of the LEDs. Note that you call the public version of writeData. Inside your game controller object, the writeData method is defined as:
The .NET data provider for SQL Server is in the System.Data.SqlClient namespace. This data provider communicates directly with the server using its native network protocol instead of through multiple layers.
After we deploy this portlet from a WAR file named concepts.war to a portlet application named concepts, its context path is /concepts.
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