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Vehicles.SpeedBoat.prototype = { checkFuel: function(){ return "Yes, I use and need fuel, because I implement IPowered"; }, ... }
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A required property that contains the location and possibly the file name of the output message to create. The Address property uses URL prefixes to indicate how to transmit the message. To transmit a message via FTP, the address must begin with the prefix ftp://. If the message is being sent via FTP or FILE, a file name attribute is required as part of the address.
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Figure 4-9. Available options for building the project If all goes well, your project should compile without any issues, and you should be able to see it in run-time mode; it should look something like Figure 4-10. You ll notice that ReportViewer has the message The source of the report definition has not been specified. The reason for this message is that we haven t bound any report to the viewer. For a quick explanation of messages like this one, see the troubleshooting section at the end of this chapter.
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Figure 7-17. The DataSet toolbox As you can see, the toolbox has items such as DataTable and Relation that you can drag and drop on the DataSet designer. For our example, you need to drag and drop a DataTable on the DataSet designer and set its Name property to Employees. To add columns to the DataTable, you can right-click it and add the required number of columns. The name and data type of each column can then be set via the properties window. After designing the Employees DataTable, it should look like Figure 7-18.
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WebKit Selectors
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// We use a split container to divide the area into two parts container.Panel1.Controls.Add(graph) container.Panel2.Controls.Add(properties) // Configure the property grid to display only properties in the // category "Graph Style" properties.SelectedObject <- graph let graphStyleCat = (CategoryAttribute("Graph Style") :> Attribute) properties.BrowsableAttributes <- AttributeCollection([| graphStyleCat |]) form.Controls.Add(container) let rnd = new Random() scan image barcode 39
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If we encounter a MalformedURLException, then the crawler must have tried to load an invalid path. We should ignore the URL as it s probably a typo:
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:Application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" minWidth="1024" minHeight="768" initialize="service.send();"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import import import import
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Caching Properties in Abstract Syntax Trees
SQL Server has a third method of building tables, although this is my least favored method. A large number of templates are built into SQL Server Management Studio for everyday tasks. It is also possible to build your own template for repetitive tasks, which is where I can see more power for developers in this area. Templates can be found in their own explorer window. Selecting View Template Explorer or pressing Ctrl+Alt+T brings up the Template Explorer window, displayed initially on the right-hand side of SQL Server Management Studio.
Console.ReadLine(); } static void test(TestSAO obj) { Console.WriteLine("----------------- START TEST CASE ---------------"); Console.WriteLine(" Local Priority: {0}", Thread.CurrentThread.Priority.ToString()); String priority1 = obj.getPriority(); Console.WriteLine(" Remote priority: {0}",priority1.ToString()); Console.WriteLine("----------------- END TEST CASE ---------------"); } } }
Figure 7-17. Adding a report parameter Now we need use parVendorName to supply the Vendor Name from the console application to the report. Please select the text box txtVendorName, and enter following expression: ="Vendor Name: " & Parameters!parVendorName.Value. Please make sure your report design surface looks like the one shown in Figure 7-18.
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