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The keyword AS defines the start of the T-SQL code, which will be the basis of the stored procedure. AS has no other function, but is mandatory within the CREATE PROCEDURE command defining the end of all variable definitions and procedure creation options. Once the keyword AS is defined, you can then start creating your T-SQL code. It is then possible to surround your code with a BEGIN...END block. I tend to do this as a matter of course so that there is no doubt where the start and end of the procedure lie.
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you want to connect to. If you re unsure of which to choose, try Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). If you wish to connect to a Hewlett Packard (HP) printer with an HP print server attached, select AppSocket/HP JetDirect. (You could also choose LPD/LPR Host or Printer, but this has long been replaced by IPP.)
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Did you happen to notice I listed these DMV s twice sys.dm_os_wait_stats sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks These DMV s help to identify the wait stats and types for the activity on your server since the last restart. Wait stats may be one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to troubleshooting performance issues. Even this simple query:
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When you are home and not on call or expected to respond to anyone at work, then put the Blackberry in a different room. Believe me, the world will not end if you do not read or respond to an e-mail until the morning. If something is important, then someone should be calling your Blackberry, not sending you an e-mail, so just make certain you can hear your phone ring. Your job performance should be tied to tangible results, not the amount of hours that you put in working. If the number of hours seems to be all that matters, then you will find yourself with less personal time, and the company will more than likely find itself with less-than-ideal results from your performance. It is OK to let people know that when you are home, you are home. Many people believe that by protecting their home life, they end up enhancing the quality of the work they produce during regular working hours.
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The word free is used here in its political sense, as in free speech. Many companies and individuals make a healthy profit from selling free software and, in fact, selling free software is encouraged by the GNU Project.
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5. Click Add Project Data Source . The Data Source Configuration Wizard appears, as in Figure 9-5.
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As you can see in Figure 9-8, we have a company logo to display in this report. We re going to embed the company logo in the report by setting the EmbeddedImages property of the report. All you need to do is browse to the physical path of the image and embed it within the report. Embedding images is simple: Select the report properties by right-clicking anywhere inside the empty report design surface. Click the embedded image properties collection. This will open the Embedded Images dialog box. Click the New Image button in the dialog box, and select the image you want to embed from your project folder. After you finish this process, you ll see that the image is added to the report, ready for use. After you embed the image in the report, just set the Value property of the image report item to the image name, which is part of the report now. See Figure 9-15 for an illustration of the steps to add an image.
command s Connection property. It returns the result (9) as a single object, which you display with Console.WriteLine(). This is pretty simple to follow, but it s worth noting this really is simpler than usual because Console.WriteLine() takes any kind of object as its input. In fact, ExecuteScalar() s return type is Object, the base class of all types in the .NET Framework, which makes perfect sense when you remember that a database can hold any type of data. So, if you want to assign the returned object to a variable of a specific type (Integer for example), you must cast the object to the specific type. If the types aren t compatible, the system will generate a runtime error that indicates an invalid cast. The following is an example that demonstrates this idea. In it, you store the result from ExecuteScalar() in the variable count, casting it to the specific type Integer:
To type your own text or edit text, you need to switch to Insert mode. This is normally done by typing i, but you can also type O or o to change to Insert mode, which is indicated by the word INSERT appearing at the bottom of the screen, as shown in Figure 15-3. The difference between the commands required to switch into Insert mode is that some let you insert before or after the cursor. Generally, i is most useful, because what you type will appear before the character under the cursor, as with most word processors. The commands that activate Insert Mode are listed in Table 15-1, under Insert Text.
Up until now, we have called web methods synchronously. That means that unless the web method is not finished, our form processing is blocked. Synchronous calls are what you need in most applications, but at times you may need to call web methods in asynchronous fashion. Imagine that you are developing a portal by using ASP.NET 2.0. As a part of the feature set, you want to provide a facility whereby users can get a comparative price list of computer books. The users will specify a book title whose price list is to be generated. To obtain the cost of the book, you consume web services exposed by various book suppliers. That means for a book title you call many web methods that return the cost of the title by individual suppliers. You then collectively display the costs to the user. If you call the web methods in synchronous fashion, the total time taken will be the summation of the processing time taken by the individual web methods. On the other hand, if you call the web methods in asynchronous fashion, the time taken will be reduced to the processing time taken by the lengthiest web method (see Figure 9-14).
Revisiting the schema-based declaration of the transactions from Listing 5-10, you can start to see some of the AOP terminology. The first part of the listing declares and configures an advice implementation, as shown in Listing 5-12.
None \Users\<username>\ Favorites
The fixes you make to prepare this type for use as part of a vanilla .NET library are as follows: You add several attributes as directed by the FxCop tool. You can find the meaning of these attributes in the MSDN documentation referenced by the FxCop warning messages. You adjust several names: APoint , n, l, and f became RadialPoint, count, factor, and transform, respectively. You use a return type of seq<RadialPoint> instead of RadialPoint list by changing a list construction using [ ... ] to a sequence construction using seq { ... }. An alternative option would be to use an explicit upcast ([ ... ] :> seq<_>). You use the .NET delegate type System.Converter instead of an F# function type.
be aware that this change is not propagated to the server, because the serialized stream has already been generated from the underlying IMessage!
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