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CHAPTER 6: Application Signing and Sandbox
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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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1> CREATE TABLE Customer 2> ( 3> CustomerId int NOT NULL IDENTITY(1,1), 4> FirstName varchar(25) NULL, 5> LastName varchar(25) NULL 6> ) 7> CREATE TABLE Orders 8> ( 9> CustomerId int NOT NULL, 10> OrderId int NOT NULL 11> ) 12> GO With your two tables created, you will create your primary keys and your foreign key (indentation is for readability only): 1> ALTER TABLE Customer 2> ADD Constraint PK_CustomerID PRIMARY KEY (CustomerID) 3> ALTER TABLE Orders 4> ADD Constraint PK_CustomerOrderID PRIMARY KEY(CustomerId, OrderID), 5> Constraint FK_CustomerID Foreign Key(CustomerID) 6> REFERENCES Customer(CustomerID) 7> GO With your tables all set up, you can go ahead and create your stored procedures. Enter the following SQL into the editor: 1> 2> 3> 4> 5> 6> 7> 8> 1> 2> 3> 4> 5> 6> 7> 8> CREATE PROCEDURE GetCustomer ( @CustomerID int ) AS SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE CustomerID = @CustomerID GO CREATE PROCEDURE AddCustomer ( @FirstName varchar(25), @LastName varchar(25) ) AS INSERT INTO Customer (FirstName, LastName) VALUES (@FirstName, @LastName) GO
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Ignoring Schema Information
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In addition to these operators, the LIKE operator allows you to match patterns in character data (see Table 3-2). As with all SQL character data, strings must be enclosed in single quotes (').
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The MINIMIZED window state is for portlets that are not currently being displayed in the portal page, or may be displayed in a very small area of the page. For instance, a portal that is displaying a portlet in the MAXIMIZED window state might display
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Figure 12-6. AJAX Extensions Server Controls Toolbox
The Java remote method invocation (RMI) protocol is available as a standard part of the JSE environment. For the Java developer, RMI is probably the default choice in any situation where you can guarantee that the applications at both ends of the connection will always be Java based. Spring s support for RMI-based remoting is particularly convenient. To make an interface accessible over RMI, you will need to configure an additional bean to create an RMI registry and associate it with the service bean. Any objects passed into or returned from the exported service methods must be made serializable (RMI uses serialization to pass parameter values over TCP socket connections). The benefit of RMI in Spring is its simplicity of implementation. Its deficiency is that this is not an especially portable mechanism (Java RMI is not compatible with C# RMI, for example), so this is not a good choice if you want to make a service available to independently developed client applications. Because of this ease of implementation, a common usage of RMI services is to create rich administrative applications. This allows administrative staff to have a desktop application for updating a web application. Because the RMI client calls into the same service layer that is being used by the web front end, the amount of software development required is reduced, and the scope for introducing new problems (and corrupting data in unexpected ways) is also limited. It is possible to tunnel the RMI wire protocol (JRMP) over an HTTP connection, but this feature is only infrequently used because some aspects of the service behavior will then be dependent on intervening network infrastructure such as proxy servers and firewalls.
Figure 6-7. Displaying the definition of a stored procedure
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