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Select the ReceiveRequest activity and click the Content link. This time, select the Parameters radio button. Parameters are set up similar to variables and arguments. Click the Add new parameter link. Enter the Name as Author and set the Assign To property to author. Add another parameter with the Name Title and Assign To as title. Add a third parameter named ISBN and enter the Assign To as isbn. The completed list should look like the one shown in Figure 10-14.
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CHAPTER 8: Training, Get You Some of That
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Now drag and drop an XML control onto the default web form. Set its DocumentSource property to Employees.xml and its TransformSource property to Employees.xsl. The former property points to the XML file that is to be transformed, whereas the latter property points to the XSLT style sheet that is to be applied to the DocumentSource. Now run the web form and you should see something similar to Figure 11-20.
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The EAAccessory class also provides the constant EAConnectionIDNone; a constant to be used when identifying an unconnected accessory. EAConnectionIDNone is defined as an ENUM equated to 0. You use this constant to compare against the property connectionID. If the two values equate, meaning the connectionID returned was zero, then you have an invalid connection and need to execute some form of recovery such as retrying the connection or possibly notifying the user to try disconnecting and reconnecting the accessory.
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The second issue can be seen when you are intuitively developing this application. In this case, you d probably start with the interface definition shown in Listing 7-11, which would be compiled to General.dll and shared between the clients and the server. Listing 7-11. The IBroadcaster Interface (Nonworking Sample) using System; using System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging; namespace General { public delegate void MessageArrivedHandler(String msg); public interface IBroadcaster { void BroadcastMessage(String msg); event MessageArrivedHandler MessageArrived; } }
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Wait types that are specific to memory include: CMEMTHREAD LATCH_* LCK_M_* LOWFAIL_MEMMGR_QUEUE RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE_* UTIL_PAGE_ALLOC If you are seeing these wait types as the bulk of your overall waits, then you will want to investigate the amount of memory that has been allocated to your SQL Server. Locks
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The Portlet Life Cycle
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The notion of a dataset in ADO.NET is a big step in the world of multitiered database application development. When retrieving or modifying large amounts of data, maintaining an open connection to a data source while waiting for users to make requests is an enormous waste of precious resources. Datasets help tremendously here, because they enable you to store and modify large amounts of data in a local cache, view the data as tables, and process the data in an offline mode (in other words, disconnected from the database). Let s look at an example. Imagine you re trying to connect to a remote database server over the Internet for detailed information about some business transactions. You search on a particular date for all available transactions, and the results are displayed. Behind the scenes, your application creates a connection with the data source, joins a couple of tables, and retrieves the results. Suppose you now want to edit this information and add or remove details. Whatever the reason, your application will go through the same cycle over and over again: creating a new connection, joining tables, and retrieving data. Not only is there overhead in creating a new connection each time, but you may be doing a lot of other redundant work, especially if you re dealing with the same data. Wouldn t it be better if you could connect to the data source once, store the data locally in a structure that resembles a relational database, close the connection, modify the local data, and then propagate the changes to the data source when the time is right
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TIP: When using ps aux, it s a good idea to resize the Terminal window to as wide as you can manage. Many of the program paths are quite long, and the output can be visually confusing with all of the line wrapping. The %MEM column shows you the percent of your RAM being used by this process. In STAT, you ll find the state this process is in, which is typically one of the following: I: Idle. R: Runnable. S: Sleeping for less than 20 seconds. T: Stopped. U: In an uninterruptible wait Z: A zombie, (the walking dead) NOTE: There are additional characters that can appear as well. For example, notice that the second process in the code listing above is in the state Ss, meaning that it s sleeping and a session leader. See the ps man page for more information about this and other identifiers. Because the output of ps aux tends to scroll off of the screen due to the number of processes running, most command line aficionados use the following command to view the output one screen at a time:
Formatting is an important aspect of a good report. Let s see: if your report could display total sales values as 2345453.552 or as $2,345,453.55, which output would you prefer Naturally, you will prefer the formatted one, with the dollar sign and commas. A typical report can have data of different types, such as decimal, data, or bit. It is important to know that each data type has the proper format applied to increase the visual appeal of the report. Please see Table 2-2 for a list of common SQL Server data types and their default output. Table 2-2. Default Output of Common SQL Server Data Types
is readable by all users on the machine, and serves as a place for a user to save work and allow other user s access to it. This folder also contains a Drop Box, where other users can leave work, only to be viewed by the home folder s owner.
This is simply the hexadecimal number that Ubuntu uses to identify the drive internally. If your computer is relatively new, it probably has an SATA hard disk, so type the following at the command prompt:
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ADO.NET provides a connection class that you use to connect to your database. A specially formatted string, called a connection string, contains the specifications for how you will connect to it. An example of a connection string is shown here:
{ new InArgument<Lead>(env => lead.Get(env)) } }, The WaitForInput activity was modified to expect the agent s name as a string instead of a Lead class. This was necessary because the application is no longer updating the Lead class. At the time the workflow is resumed, the Lead class does not have the AssignedTo property populated. Instead, the application will provide the agent s name and let the workflow update the Lead.
Figure 9-9. Choose destination for package to be deployed
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