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Drawer qr codes in Objective-C Figure 12 9. Two-piece parts prototyped using FDM process

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When you re finished, click the Connect button. You should see the NetworkManager icon start to animate as the program attempts to connect and find an IP address. After a few seconds, when the animation finishes and the icon switches to display signal bars, you should find yourself online. If your computer doesn t seem to connect, try rebooting. If the hardware doesn t work after this, it might be that the drivers Ubuntu installed by default are incompatible with your network device. In this case, you can try using a Windows wireless network device driver, as described in the next section. Should you find yourself in the unusual situation of needing to specify the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway for a wireless connection, you can do so using the manual configuration mode of NetworkManager, as outlined in the Configuring an Ethernet Network Device section earlier in this chapter. Simply follow the instructions in that section, but select the Wireless Connection entry in the list, rather than Wired Connection. In the dialog box that appears, you ll see additional areas where you can enter your SSID and WEP/WPA protection details.
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' Load typed table into dataset ds.Tables.Add(customers.ToDataTable())
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Figure 9-12. Specifying the default database
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Smart device applications run on smart devices. Visual Studio 2005 has project templates that target three types of smart devices: Pocket PC 2003, Smartphone 2003, and Windows CE 5.0. The Pocket PC and Smartphone projects target these specific devices; the Windows CE project type does not target any specific device. (In other words, it does not reference any device-specific functionality.) Figure 1-10 shows the New Project dialog box for smart device applications. The dialog box allows you to create graphical applications, console applications, and support assemblies that all target smart devices.
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How It Works
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Smart clients offer the benefits of both a thin client and a thick client (refer to Figure 1-1). Essentially, if you take all of the advantages of having a thin client and combine them with the benefits of a thick client while throwing away their disadvantages, you end up with a smart client.
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Let s now remove all the URLs that we re not allowed to visit for one reason or another:
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Now, what if, in the first update query of this chapter, we had made a mistake or an error occurred For example, say we chose the wrong customer, or even worse, omitted the WHERE statement, and therefore all the records were updated. These are unusual errors, but quite possible. More common errors could result from where more than one data modification has to take place and succeed, and the first one succeeds but a subsequent modification fails. By using a transaction, we would have had the chance to correct any mistakes easily, and could then revert to a consistent state. Of course, this next example is nice and simple, but by working through it, the subject of transactions will hopefully become a little easier to understand and appreciate.
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Orchestration variables strSupportCode (a string) strSupportCodeExpires (also a string) xmlXmlDoc (of type System.Xml.XmlDocument)
CHAPTER 10: Hardware Design
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Exporting Bindings
Evaluates to another type of cast. Can only remove or add const (or volatile).
Collection of users under one heading (group name) to facilitate system administration.
You can use existing .NET methods as first-class functions. For example:
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