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The Ubuntu software archives contain thousands of programs to cover just about every task you might wish to do on your computer. Diversity is vitally important within the Linux world. For example, rather than offering just one e-mail program, you ll find many available. They compete with each other in a gentle way, and it s up to you which one you settle down with and use. Part of the fun of using Linux is exploring what s available. Of course, the added bonus is that virtually all this software is free of charge, so you can simply download, install, and play around. If you don t like a program, just remove it from your system. However, don t forget to revisit the program s home page after a few months; chances are the program will have been expanded and improved in that short period, and it might be better at meeting your needs.
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Selecting the Primary Report Items
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Having Standards and Processes Is Not a Bad Thing
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Applying a Theme at the Application Level
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3. Choose the Yes, This Application Is Available Online or Offline option to set the install mode. Click Next. 4. You will now see a dialog box to sign the deployment. Leave the default, click Next, and then click Finish to complete the deployment. At this point, ClickOnce will publish the application and present you with a Web page in Internet Explorer that looks similar to Figure 6-11.
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This one is fairly self-explanatory. People will always tend to blame something they are aware of but do not fully understand. It is only natural, right I mean, if you think you already know everything about nine out of ten items, then your mind will focus on that tenth item and you will spend far too much time on why the tenth item is causing you so much heartache at the moment. You will frequently be told such things as, Our code hasn t changed in years, Everything ran fine last night, and You guys must have done something yesterday because now all of our stuff runs much slower. Get used to being the focus of attention for any problems with any system. Start developing some thick skin because you are going to need it, and soon. Any time there is even one hint that something is amiss with a system, the first thing people will do is blame the database server. Despite the fact that there are many layers between their screen and the database server, your phone will be the first to ring. You will be expected to investigate the issue immediately, and you will also be surprised to see e-mails with sentences that read, I called the DBA and they are going to fix the problem. Wait a minute! We never said there was a problem with the database server why are you telling people we are going to fix anything The problem could be the network, or a poor design that didn t scale, or anything. And yet people will fixate on the database server because (1) it is known and (2) most people do not understand how it works. And in some cases, if they get an error message such as, Could not connect to the database (or the word database is simply in the error message somewhere), people automatically assume that the problem must be with the database. I have lost count of the number of times I have been told there is something wrong with the server only to find that the issue is that the person or account did not have rights to log in. Sorry, but that is not a problem with the server. And it is also not a problem with the server if you try to load 100GB of data onto a disk that only has 10GB of space free. Same for filling up a 33GB tempdb drive; the issue is not with the server, it is with inefficient code. And yet your server (and ultimately yourself) will be forced to carry the burden of fault. That s OK, because one of the reasons you are a DBA is because you are able to carry such a burden as would crush most of your peers.
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Exercise 7-4. Using the Menu Control
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Once you ve downloaded SQL Server 2005 Express with Advanced Services (available at, launch it to get the installer. The first screen that you ll see is the End User License Agreement (EULA), which you will need to accept to continue (see Figure 4-1).
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This option, found within the SELECT statement itself, will return a specific number of rows from the SELECT statement, and is very much like the SET ROWCOUNT function for that reason. In fact, the TOP n option is the preferred option to use when returning a set number of rows, as opposed to the SET ROWCOUNT function. The reason behind this is that TOP n only applies to that query command; however, by using SET ROWCOUNT n, you are altering all commands until you reset SQL Server to act on all rows through SET ROWCOUNT 0.
Now you re ready to create the main workflow that will use the custom activity, MyActivity, which you just implemented. The application will pass in the OperatorConfig, CustomerConfig, and ActivityConfig data structures along with a collection of TransactionConfig objects. For each transaction, MyActivity will be executed to perform the action as well as a QC step, if appropriate.
Open the Workflow1.xaml file (in design mode) and drag a Sequence activity to the workflow. Click the Argument button and then click the Create Argument link. For the Name, enter customerData; for the Argument type, use the CustomerConfig class. You will need to select Browse for Types, expand the QCPolicy assembly, and select the CustomerConfig class as you did before. Add another argument named activityData using the ActivityConfig class for the Argument type. Add a third argument named operatorData using the OperatorConfig class. For the final argument, use the TransactionList class; for the Name property, enter transactionList. The argument list should look like the one shown in Figure 20-23.
verify that a shared attribute (for example, MessageID) relates the two activities.
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