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Tom s time-of-day comment made me think back to when I used to work managing a data warehouse. We had a database that could be offline three weeks out of the month, and nobody would notice. It was a critical database, with a specific purpose. The workload just happened to be such that the database wasn t used three weeks out of the month. It sure was used during week 1 though. During week 1, it had better be up 24/7. The remaining weeks, it didn t matter so much. The moral Don t assume a correlation between how much something is used and how truly important it is.
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frequently want to separate data definitions entirely from application code. DDL scripts that create schemas, tables, triggers, and views and scripts that create seed data should be managed as separate artifacts that are executed prior to application deployment.
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Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) and Application Syndication
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When you develop a Windows Phone application you distribute to Windows Phone Marketplace through the Windows Phone developer portal. Figure 5 1 shows you the overview interaction of the developer to the developer portal to the Windows Phone Marketplace to the consumers.
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Display info page for specified command Change current run level Display list of jobs running in background Kill specified process Kill process(es) that have specified name(s) -i: Confirm before killing process -v: Verbose; report if and when successful
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Listing 7-7. The Session Context Integration Filter
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How It Works
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F# sometimes requires a little help before a definition is automatically generalized. In particular, only function definitions and simple immutable data expressions are automatically generalized; this is
as erasure. This means that there is no information available to Spring s PropertyEditors to determine the type that associated form fields should be converted to. Your alternatives are to add additional manual binding of these properties upon form submission, or to use Java array types where a collection class might otherwise have been more suitable.
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