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According to how you bound to an environment, you may not see a directory server that you are bound to in the list of Directory Domains. If you do not see a server listed here, click on the plus sign (+) and you should see it in the list of Available Directory Domains. Click on the one you wish to add to your Search Policy, and then click on the Add button so it will be added to the list of Directory Domains and can be reordered as you see fit (see Figure 2-22).
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Extensible Architecture
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Figure 7 10. Creating the rule The rule is complete at this point. Save the rule (right-click Version, and select Save). You can now test the rule (and policy). Use these steps to validate and test the rule: 1. 2. Right-click the Version folder of the rule you just created, and select Test Policy. In the Select Facts dialog box that appears, click the schema name. The option to add an instance of the NewHireList XML will be available. You saw an example of this earlier in this recipe (refer to Listing 7 2). Click Add Instance, and browse to an instance of this XML document. Once you have declared an instance, click the Test button. This causes the XML instance to be passed to the rule. A full trace appears in an Output window where you can verify whether the rule executed as expected (the value of the XML node should change). Right-click the policy version, and select Publish. Right-click the policy version, and select Deploy.
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in Europe as 1.001,1 , with the dot used for separating thousands and the comma used to separate the decimals. The Windows Phone 7 operating system, fortunately, automatically makes these locale-aware changes for us. As developers, however, we must help the framework out a little and ensure that we use appropriate data types and appropriate formatting options for the operations we perform in our applications. For example, we should never represent dates or numbers as strings and hard-code the formatting of those strings in our application. In addition to these variations in the way different cultures handle numbers and dates, languages also differ in the number of words they require to express an idea, with some more verbose than others. For instance, it is estimated that an average sentence in the German language is 44 percent longer than the same sentence in English. That means that a Windows Phone 7 user interface written in English its labels, textblocks, text boxes, and so on may need to reserve additional available white space when designed in the English language and later translated (dynamically, as we will see shortly) into German or other languages. Also, if you are targeting international markets, the design of an application should be flexible enough to allow it to speak different languages without your having to make extensive changes to the source code. That means that all strings, images, and audio and video content must be placed in separate resource-only files one for each target culture and language to make it easy to package the application for a new locale. By sticking with Unicode characters to encode your strings content, with its over 95,000 characters, you ll be able to display virtually any language in the world. Another important consideration in deciding how to prepare to support your application in multiple languages is the amount of material that will need to be translated. Later in this chapter, we recommend you use resource-only files inside Visual Studio. This technique is perfectly acceptable for smaller applications, when there are only a handful of items to translate. However, if the translation requires the use of third-party translation services, you will be better served by looking at more specialized localization tools, such as Alchemy Catalyst, Globalizer.Net, Lingobit Localizer, or Radialix. While the use of such tools is beyond the scope of the current chapter, if you ever find that editing resource files in Visual Studio becomes hard to manage, you can refer to the foregoing list to determine whether any of these products makes the task easier. In MSDN documentation, there are usually two separate sections on internationalizing applications globalization and localization. Roughly, globalization refers to ensuring that all commonly used application concepts, such as dates and currency, are properly represented and used in the system regardless of the locale of the user. Localization, on the other hand, refers to translating application resources, such as text of the user interface, into local representation. What is a bit more confusing, in the non-Microsoft world, is that the term internationalization is used to represent globalization. Since this is already confusing, for the purposes of this chapter, we won t make such a distinction; when we talk about internationalizing an application, we refer to ensuring that the application will work without problems in all countries and regions it was intended to work in i.e., the Microsoft concepts of globalization and localization are blurred. .NET and the Windows Phone 7 SDK include a number of tools to help you ready an app for international distribution. These tools include the CultureInfo class to properly determine the culture that an application is running in, as well as easy management of resource files that were custom developed for each culture. You will explore these tools in the remaining portion of this chapter.
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Isolation: Each atomic scope allows controlled visibility to other scopes and transactions data. Durability: Once an atomic scope has been committed, the only way the action can be undone is through the use of a BizTalk compensation handler.
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Generic Queue Logic
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Final - All Rows Plan: JOIN ORDER: 1 CST: 3276 CDN: 1048576 RSC: 3275 RSP: 3275 BYTES: 7340032 IO-RSC: 3157 IO-RSP: 3157 CPU-RSC: 1181444018 CPU-RSP: 1181444018 The cost of the tablescan in the single-table access path has gone up from 266 to 283. Although it is not explicitly displayed in this trace file, we can determine (by doing a separate 10053 trace of a simple select against the table) that the difference of 17 is the calculated CPU cost of scanning the table. Now look at the second section of the output: first, we can see that the Area size is down to 204KB, and the Max area size is 10MB exactly as expected. But pause for thought when we set a sort_area_size, we used to see about 67.5% (75% of 90%) of that value appearing in these columns, but here we are seeing the entire 100%; does this mean that the write buffers and insertion tree are catered to elsewhere, or is it simply that the report is being used differently In fact, if we adjust the number of rows used in the test, we find that the number of initial runs drops to one and the number of merge passes to zero only when Rows * Row size gets down to the value of Area size (not the Max area size). This tells us that there is a special case formula for predicting in-memory sorts, but it also hints that the optimizer is behaving as if the various overheads and I/O buffers fall outside the memory allocation for sorting. Note also that the sort width is 58, which is what you would get with a sort_area_size of around 2MB using the manual workarea_size_policy. With a sort_area_size of 204KB (or rather 320KB, which would report an area size of about 204KB), the sort width would be 9 and the initial run count would be 86 leading to three merge passes. With a sort_area_size of 10MB (or rather 15.1MB, which would report an area size of about 10MB), the sort width would be 426 with a run count of two. Despite our attempts to pick a pga_aggregate_target that could emulate a sort_area_size of 10MB, we cannot see figures that allow us to align the two parameters in an obvious way. To cap it all, whatever we see in the 10053 trace, remember that the original 10032 trace for this example reported a sort_multiblock_read_count of 31 and a max intermediate merge width of 5. The optimizer assumptions do not form an accurate model of the actual run-time activity. Clearly it is not going to be easy to reverse engineer the algorithm that the cost based optimizer uses to derive a cost for a sort. So before trying to untangle the knotty problem of how the optimizer works out the IO cost per pass, I d like to run a few more test cases and comment on the results.
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Caution Using the sudo command with find may represent an invasion of privacy if you have more than one user on your system. The find command will search other users /home directories and report any instances of files found there, too.
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